What is affiliate marketing?

For the past three months not a day goes by before someone mails me about affiliate marketing.

The entire time I try to narrow down the question to a simple answer that they can use to start their own blog. Along the way, I came up with a template answer.

startupskenya understand affiliate marketing

Now, the question I get asked a lot is when will you start an affiliate marketing blog?

[ctt template=”8″ link=”vzM83″ via=”no” ]#AffiliateMarketing is basically earning a commission by promoting other people’s products and making sales.[/ctt]

My response has been in a couple of months or years. Well, I have officially decided to start an affiliate marketing blog. It is now no longer something I look to do but I’m actually planning to do. Soon.

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As soon as January, 2017, if not sooner. This was mostly motivated when I received an email from Amazon saying I have 180 days until my affiliate account gets deleted/cancelled or something to that effect.

That said, I would love to take this journey with 5-10 other people. It will be my first time to actually start an affiliate blog.

Even 3 people will be fine. I just need serious guys to do it with.

To help you understand what affiliate marketing is… Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products and/or services and earning a commission with every sale that is made from your promotion.

Previously, I had mentioned affiliate marketing as one of the ways to make money online as a blogger. Especially if you choose not to create your own products. In fact affiliate marketing is a better paying job to a starting blogger than advertising really is.

Having that in mind you can have an affiliate program on your site (if you are selling your own products, this is recommendable because it assists you in promoting your products to a market you do not have a reach to yet) or join an affiliate program.

The main affiliate program most people use is the Amazon Associate Program.

affiliate marketing

The Amazon Associate Program offers 10% commission to any product you advertise and get a sale from. So it is best if you advertise more of high ticket items rather than low ticket items.

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Look at it this way, advertise something that is worth $1000 you will make $100 and if you market something that is worth $100 you will make around $10.

But many other sites also offer an affiliate program you can sign up for. Including Bluehost, Siteground, and many more. Depending with your industry, you can check what affiliate programs are offered by the leading brand in your industry.

For you to receive your commission from any affiliate program you use, the buyer must purchase the product or any other product from that particular product from a link you provide. This link is important because it contain a unique ID. This ID contains your personal information and can help in tracking the amount of traffic you send and the number of purchases that have been made thank you to your link.

Have any more questions? Comment below and I will answer.

Remember I am also going to start an affiliate marketing website, so if you would like to do it together comment below as well.

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