7 best unpopular WordPress plugins that’ll skyrocket your blog to success

On any given day there are the usual WordPress plugins you are required to use. Plugins such as Yoast. In today’s article, I want to highlight on unpopular WordPress plugins that comes from experience while blogging.

unpopular wordpress plugins list

Unpopular WordPress Plugins

I consider them to be unpopular WordPress plugins because very few people mention them in their lists of WordPress plugins. Apart from that, these plugins are from testing and tweaking and growing various blogs and websites since 2009.


I came across this plugin late last year. A blessing in disguise. With only 200+ people using it.

mentionable wordpress plugin

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Mentionable works the same way as tagging on Facebook.

It helps you build internal linking.

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Click to Tweet

Click to tweet makes work easier for your readers. By preparing a ready made tweet they can share it with their Twitter followers.

click to tweet wordpress plugin

All you have to do is create an account with click to tweet to get started. Their free account is good to create unlimited untracked tweets.

Click to tweet has a wide range of themes to choose from.


Redirection will come to play when you need to create 301 redirect rules.

Sometimes when you are blogging, you might end up omitting certain pages on your blog.

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redirection wordpress plugin

Redirection helps you keep track of your 404 errors. With that list, you can easliy map them to 301 redirects.

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Revive Old Post

You and I both know the importance of sharing and promoting our articles consistently. Revive old post (formely known as “Tweet old post”) helps you automate your shares every predefined time.

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revive old post

What I love about Revive old post, is it allows you to exclude and/or include different variables such as:

  • when was the article published
  • hashtags
  • articles that you do not want to be published
  • categories you want to not be shared.
  • you can track link clicks with Google Analytics
  • choose the number of articles you want to publish at each given time.
  • how often you want to share
  • what platforms to share on


WP-Optimize helps you in managing your database. With over half a million installations currently.

wp optimize wordpress plugin

This helps you in creating more space and keeping your databases clean. If you blog often you probably have tweak an article more than 10 times before you hit publish. All those drafts are stored in your database just occupying space that you don’t use.

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This goes for deleted posts/pages and spam comments.

Broken Link Checker

As the name says, Broken Link Checker checks your entire website for any broken links.

broken link checker wordpress plugin

The plugin works alsmost in a similar fashion to Redirection. But with more functions.

As Redirection finds and indicates 404 errors; broken link checker tracks broken links to other sites you have linked to. Both internal and external.

You can correct these links directly from its dashboard saving you time to find and fix the error from the article or page itself.

You can also prevent search engines from following broken links on your site.

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Comments not replied to

As your blog keeps growing, you will start gaining more traction and comments on your blog. At times you might miss a couple of comments.

comments not replied to

With Comments not replied to, you will see directly from your dashboard what comments you received that required a reply and respond to them.