Top 10 articles 2016 and the blogging strategies I will wipe out

Over the course of 2016, I was never serious as a blogger. That said these are the top 10 articles 2016.

You maybe wondering… weren’t you still publishing articles?

And the truth of the matter is, I was. But there was no strategy to it per se. (more on this tomorrow when I share blogging lessons from one year of blogging)

Update: Blogging lessons learned in one year of blogging

Today I will share the articles that did well in 2016. I will also explain as to why some did well, but I wiped the strategy behind it.

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Top 10 Articles 2016

The article with the most shares and views incidentally had the highest amount of bounce rate. And this goes for all four top articles.

These articles had over 85% bounce rate each.

I understand.

Reason being, when I featured someone’s blog, the blog owner was happy and shared it with their audience. When their audience viewed the artilces, they only wanted to see what was said about the person. Nothing much after that.

Another reason was, I never took the precious time to strategic to leverage this traffic.

If I did, I would at least review blogs that had an audience that I would have loved to tap in.

Anyway, thank goodness for Facebook pixel, I could stalk them. Not in the creepy kind of way, but in a “come here, I got something you like”.

OK. That sounds creepy.

kenyan top blogs startupskenya

1. 5 Kenyan top blogs with an underlying message to pass

kenyan bloggers startupskenya

2. Introduction to some of Kenyan blogs and bloggers

kenyan foodie blogs

3. 5 Kenyan foodie blogs you should bookmark for African Recipes

top kenyan bloggers startupskenya

4. Close your tabs and meet more Kenyan bloggers

The fifth top article of 2016, happened to be my first read magnet on this blog.

At this time I created a social media strategy for members of the bakers club group on Facebook.

I loved the experience.

If you would like me to have another social media strategy webinar this year… Comment below.

Even better yet, join my group and you can have a vote (Also be in the know) of webinars I am having this year. Did I mention only members of the group get a replay link that last an entire month.


On this article, I clearly stipulated the strategy you should use to share content on social media. With the same strategy I was able to establish the 3U framework.

balance content social media strategy startupskenya

5. 10 Ways to Balance Content on Social Media

And the fun continues.

At number six, I talk about how you can start infusing your authenticity to your readers through a thank you page.

The thank you page could be for something as simple as them sharing your content or even subscribing to your newsletter. Better yet, they have purchased a product from you.

Using Kalekye Mumo’s name was for the effect.

thank you page that converts startupskenya

6. The thank you page that Kalekye Mumo approves

At number 7, yes we are almost to the end of the list we have WordPress related Facebook groups.

I enjoyed writing up this article. Though it also had a high bounce rate. And the only reason I could come up was because all the links on the page led to somewhere outside the blog. Facebook to be precise.

facebook wordpress groups

7. 11 incredible Facebook WordPress groups that will help you go from beginner to PRO

At number 8, (only two more to end the list) I shared on ways you can start to monetize your blog as a blogger.

Yeah, it is all good and dandy to have a top post with multiple shares on social *cough* vanity *cough* but how good will it be if some extra coins were pouring into your bank account?

Yeah, I can hear that extra beat to your heart.

And you too can learn on how to do it (it is not as hard as you might think)

bloggers information selling startupskenya

8. Bloggers!! Why are you leaving money on the table?

One more and the list is up.

This is quite appropriate if you are sitting there wondering; “how can I start a lovely blog as well?”

You want the tag by tag procedure? Start here

You just want the first step? The most important step of all if you ask me. Scrap that. If you ask any prominent blogger. Then this is the article for you. Less than a 1000 words but packed with so much value. If you follow it… Any blog you start will not go through what I like to call the bloggers dip.

how to start blogging startupskenya9. “I want to start blogging…” This is you? Read on…

Drum rolls please..

The last top article of 2016 was…

Before you have a look at it… This was the second last article I wrote in 2016. In fact, I never meant to write the final article for 2016 until the moment I hit publish.

effective twitter content strategy startupskenya

10. How to create an effective Twitter content strategy

That was it.

Which one of these was your favorite piece of content?

Let me know in the comment box below.