The thank you page that helps you to convert subscribers into loyal fans

You don’t know Kalekye Mumo? Really? What rock have you been living under? She is the lady who threw the parties of all parties this year (2016). She was a radio presenter at one of the top radio stations in Kenya.

And her approval is more important than Oprah Winfrey’s.


Oprah Winfrey has the weight watchers and Kalekye Mumo is rocking forty; on top of that she rocked an awesome party that I wasn’t a part of at Villa Rosa Kempinski.

Stop rolling your eyes… What celebrity has approved anything you have done?

Thank you pages are the epitome of introducing your subscribers to you. Your personality and most importantly your funnel. You can choose to let it taste like cabbage juice or make it fleshy and oily and creamy like avocado.

thank you page

Thank you page Kalekye Mumo Approves

Also, a thank you page Kalekye Mumo approves converts.

  • It will convert your subscribers to fall helplessly in love with you without them knowing it.
  • It will be sticky enough for them to consider you as the voice of authority to their pain points you are trying to solve.

I see you nodding to that, you like that.

Remember for all this to work you need to inject your personality and don’t forget the general tone of your brand. It will be weird for you to act corky at this stage and everything else you share with them sounds dry and withered in comparison.


It is obvious every page must have title.

People get lost at times and forget how they got to that page to begin with. The title at the top of the page does remind them of where they are. This should be as brief and straight to the point as possible.

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As the queen of Kenyan bloggers I pronounce you sir-thanks-a-lot

Moochas Grassias

I’ve got your back


WOW! I sure did hit the Jackpot


A message sticks that much more with a picture. This is the part you get to introduce them to your personality. You can use a picture of yourself or a meme that you have created or find funny and hilarious.

Remember, a perfect picture is simply that… A perfect picture. I will just recall a pretty person or great photography but a picture with some quirks or even a meme will trigger feelings and emotions. Feelings and emotions is what makes people remember you.

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Example: thankth for everything

See what I mean…


This should be short and straight to the point as well. Remember your subscribers, subscribed for a reason. Here is the part you remind them why they subscribed.

I personally use a 2-step verification for my subscribers. If you don’t that’s well and good. Just tweak this part to represent you.

First Paragraph

Thank them for subscribing and make a brief comment of the picture you used above.


I appreciate what you did and would like to thank you. But a difficult childhood, during which I rarely felt warmth has stunted my ability to connect emotionally with people.

I can’t thank you enough. You truly deserve many more thanks than I can give but let’s not dwell on my inadequacies.

Lest you marvel at my professionalism and design work in coming up with this page. My brand strategist made me do this.

Second Paragraph

Tell them how they can get what they subscribed for. If you weren’t offering anything, let them know why they are here in the first place.

If you offer a two-step verification remember to tell them to check for an email from you to confirm subscription.

This is also the section you request them to white-list your email address/add your contact to their contact list.

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Third Paragraph

Give them a reason as to why they should stay subscribed.

Think of their pain points and underground tunnel deepest desires that you address or solve and highlight on them. You can even link to some of your value packed articles that addresses these desires or resolves their pain points. This is the part that will start introducing you as a point of authority to your audience.

You are simply showing them what they suffering from and making the bold step to relieve their stress.

Another point to entice them to stay subscribed, let them know if you offer discounts or early access to your subscribers for your new products and services.

People not only love to be appreciated, but they also love saving money and time. And if the two go hand-in-hand, BONUS!

Remind them they can even get direct access to you as a subscriber. Repeat the email address you mentioned in paragraph three.

Fourth Paragraph

Here you can introduce either your affiliate program. I personally won’t allow you to be in my affiliate program unless you purchase from me. So at this point I will introduce you to the affiliate program and let you know if you buy this product you get to start earning a commission for everyone you recommend to the product.

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For some programs I have you can get your money from referring five people.


If you are part of an affiliate program, you can link to an article you wrote about the affiliate program you chose and why you did. Don’t be discreet about this. Openly state that the article you are linking to has affiliate links. And if they purchase with your affiliate link you will receive a commission.

I like this part because you not only get to introduce yourself as the voice of authority but also as a business.

Your target market will know, if I want to get even more value from Muthoni, I will have to pay for it.

The beauty about thank you pages, landing pages and download pages is you get to test it out.

You can even use crazy egg to see how far people scroll through your page and tweak it accordingly.

Also, it highly depends with your goals.

Do you want people to share it? Include social links. Even better link it to contest if your goal is to increase your subscribers.

The main point of your thank you page is to introduce your target audience to your brand’s personality and start nurturing them into your funnel.

And with this you can do just that in less than 30 minutes.

Do you have a thank you page you would like me to go through?

Comment it below. Or even better come join a community of fellow bloggers

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