Readers to Revenue

A session to create the most efficient path to convert your blog into a profitable business even if you only get a handful of website visitors

This is what you get when you BOOK YOUR SLOT


Clarity on your ideal buyer so that you can convert your current readers into paying customers


Your value proposition to help you penetrate the market so that you position yourself as a subject matter expert


A detailed schedule for your blog for the next 30 days that will work for you even if you have toddlers to feed and a 9-5 job to balance

My name is Muthoni Wambugu and I free up 2 hours each week to take four very lucky and enthusiastic action takers; from being confused and overwhelmed about getting their blog off the ground to having a tunnel vision focus on the set of actions they need to do to get their blog one step closer to a profitable business.

There is only one catch, these spots fill up as soon as I set them up and I am not sure for how long I can keep doing this.

How long does the session take?

Each Readers to Revenue session is a thirty minutes online call. You will receive further details on your invitation link once you reserve your slot.

How much is a session?

Booking and attending a session will cost you nothing more than your time and coming with an open mind. Granted I am in business as a web analytics consultant, so I will pitch you my services at the end of the session. There shall be no pressure to take me up on the service and you will not be budged with further pitch emails after the session.

How many sites can I book per slot?


There is a limited amount of time available and that time is best used to focus on one site at a time to achieve the three main objectives I promise from each session.

If you book for more than one site the first site you mention is the site we will focus on. We can focus on the other sites once you book a slot for those as well.

I cannot find a booking slot

That would mean the 3 open sessions set for this week have already been taken. Sign up to our newsletter to receive an update once I open slots for next week are created.