“I want to start blogging…” This is you? Read on…

“I want to start blogging?”

I believe I have heard this statement enough times in the past two years than any other statement before. Sometimes I wonder why people don’t just start. Then one person told me, it is actually complicated.

I decided not to argue, but show from example, that to start blogging is only a matter of minutes.

And that is how this challenge series was born.

The purpose of this challenge is to get you from not having your own blog to starting a successful blog.

So stop with all the Google search.

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Stop with the postponing of when you are going to start your blog

Stop finding lame excuses that you just came up with

Yes, stop with that too

Having a blog is not a complex science. In fact once you have a plan, it is much simpler than the way most people started.

Now, if you are here and you already have your own blog you can follow along and I bet you will find something you can implement on your blog that you hadn’t before.

For the beginners, sub-zero no idea what blogging is but you are interested this is also for you. I will walk you through everything you need to do to have a successful blog. And for the purpose of this challenge, I will cover starting your own blog on the WordPress platform. Now WordPress has become the most popular platform worldwide when it comes to website creation.

From Beyonce to Angry birds.

Bata to the Walt Disney Company

Indian Prime Minister to Toyota Brasil

Whether you are just starting out or a big time celebrity there are so many reasons as to why you should have your blog on WordPress. In this four day series, I will show you the proper tools to use for your blog. Tools that have been tried and tested by both newbie and advanced bloggers.

Enough of the jargon, today you only have three tasks:

First off, you need to figure out your why? Why do you want to have a blog. Pick an altruistic why and a why that will actually help you define what success means to you.

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Here is Simon Sinek, telling you why figuring out your WHY is the most important part of having a business. And like it or not having a blog is some form of business (or don’t you want to make money eventually)

Second, you need to come with the target market. Whom do you want reading your articles?

Who is your ideal audience. If you are writing about motherhood, try and create a persona for anyone who will be termed as a mother.

That could be a teenager, single mother, married mother, big sister who is more like a mother.

Figuring out your audience is the best way to create content and figuring out your brand’s voice and persona as you grow you blog.

Finally, (yes we are almost done, see how easy that was) you need to pay for a domain and hosting.

As best practice, I like to buy my domains from a different company than my hosting.

It just makes everything simpler when it comes to maintenance.

You don’t have to follow the same rule. All that matters here is you get the best hosting for yourself and what you are comfortable with.

Siteground is my personal choice for hosting and namecheap for purchasing of domains. The fault with namecheap is it didn’t have localized domain extensions like .co.ke

So if you are interested in having a .co.ke extension, better to buy from Sasahost.

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That’s it for today.


Simply put you have three main tasks for today:

Find out your why
Create the persona of your target audience
Buy domain and hosting (if you already have none of those)

You want to get interactive?

Jump on here and share your why. Remember to hashtag #WebsiteIN48.

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What is that you ask? Stick on this series and your curiosity will be quenched.