Promorepublic Review: A comprehensive guide before you purchase

UPDATED: January 3rd, 2018

Chances are you are here because you are considering if Promorepublic is a good purchase for you or you are trying to figure out how to make the most of it.

And I will do my best to answer all your questions on this promorepublic review.

Right off the bat, this is not a paid endorsement. I started using Promorepublic from the first time it appeared on Appsumo. I considered it a great purchase and decided to get the small business package. Lifetime deal.

After all, you can never go wrong with Appsumo. If you do not like your purchase you have a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Promorepublic is both a scheduling and design tool. Think, if canva and buffer came together and had a baby. That baby would be promorepublic.

Today promorepublic is connected to over ninety thousand social profiles and has published over three million posts. Having over eighty five thousands SMB companies signed up with the software.

With its wide range of post ideas and graphics, it serves over twenty industries. Including home and interior, health and beauty, food and restaurant.

Promorepublic Review


Promorepublic offers:

  • A wide range of social media post ideas
  • An events calendar
  • A wide range of free stock photos
  • A graphic editor
  • A scheduling tool
  • An optimal timing tool – just like buffer, you get a predicted time of when you should post
  • A promo content app
  • Instagram scheduling
  • Collaboration – the ability to create teams in the dashboard

And in this review I will show you how to do all that plus how it actually looks like on the dashboard.

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Promorepbulic Pricing

First off, let us discuss the pricing.


Initially, their pricing was slightly complicated. They had packages for both teams and individuals. Under individual, the packages started from ten dollars monthly to the premium package that was eighty eight dollars monthly.


Where as the team package started at seventy eight dollars monthly where you could connect to thirty different social profiles and the large team where you could have a team of twenty five and connect to one hundred social profiles


All that has been simplified.

There is only one package (no more individual or team pricing). And charges start from nine dollars monthly. And there is a free seven day trial package. The only thing I think is missing from this pricing structure is the specifics that were there in the previous pricing structure.

You are really not clear on what you are getting. That said, they have a great customer care team. And you can request a free demo to see if it is a good fit to your business.

I have personally been thinking of knowing more about their deluxe package. But that is more a quarter four goal.

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Promorepublic Login

Anyone can sign up to Promorepublic.


You will first be required to set up an account with them. Of which you have a test period of seven days. As earlier mentioned. If you have purchased your lifetime deal from Appsumo, then you can redeem your coupon here

Once you have logged in, the first step is to connect to a social profile. The social profile includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIN.


A social profile could either be your personal profile, page or group. So if you connect through Facebook and decide to connect using a page and a Facebook group, that will translate as two social profiles. There is a limit of social profiles you can connect and this is determined by package you choose to pay for.

The next step is to select an industry that is most suitable for you

For the purpose of this article, I have selected food and restaurant.


Selecting the industry does not limit you to only that industry. You can definitely explore and play with graphics from all the other industries. What it does, is show you a variety of posts that are in line with your industry of choice. So that you can start publishing posts as soon as you possibly can.

Once you have selected the industry, you will be shown a wide range of post ideas from their library. As of now, their database boasts of over six thousand post templates.


Promorepublic Dashboard

As you can see you have two options for navigation. The main navigation which includes post ideas, editor, calendar and statistics. And the secondary navigation which is based from your industry selection and the different types of post ideas for different purposes and platforms.


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Post Ideas

If you are not happy with the suggestions you received you can head over to “Post Ideas” at the top.

Over here you have the option to explore over 6000+ ideas that have already been created.

Promorepublic adds to this database by the day. So you will never run out of ideas. And if you are worried about duplicate pictures between you and your competitor, look at this as suggestions. Tweak the images to fit within your brand. You can change the color or even background images.


If you already have graphics or posts you would like to schedule and skip the Promorepublic database, you can head over to “Add Post” at the very top.


Here you can edit your text or upload your graphic as you wish and add it to either your queue or schedule it or publish right away.

The difference between adding a post to a queue and scheduling; with the queue, Promorepublic determines the best time to schedule your post and with schedule you specify the exact time you would like the post to go.

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Right next to the camera button, there is a brush button. You can click this brush to go the editing drag and drop tool offered by the Promorepublic team.


At the very top you see ideas. Click on that to see what has recently been added to the Promorepublic database.

Under “Recent” you can note what you have already used before.

Once you are satisfied with your graphic you can either download it or click on “Preview”

Clicking on”X” deletes everything you have done and gives.


Previewing your post will send you to publish your post or schedule it. Once done, you can choose whether to go back to your calendar or see more options for post ideas.


Events Calendar

The events calendar in my opinion is what sets promorepublic apart from all other tools it can be compared with. Including stencil, canva, hootsuite and buffer.

The first thing you are going to notice, is that the events calendar UI has improved from 2016. You can now easily see what you have scheduled under the “MY CONTENT” section.

Beneath the “UPCOMING EVENTS” is still based on:

  • History
  • Celebrity
  • Trend
  • Holiday
  • Sports

Initially you could turn off these options. At the moment there is no option to do that. You need to understand that promorepublic is mostly centered around the US market. So categories such as “Sports”, “Celebrity” and “Holiday” will be have more of US based.

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As there user base grows to other markets, they increase more of those markets in their calendar. Also, you can send requests and you never know, they may add those dates.

The next thing I like about the current events calendar is the ease to which you can add a post to schedule on a specific day.

Initially, you had to create a post and manually set the day you would like to publish it. Today you have both options. You can access the editor from the events calendar. This will enable you to create a post that will be published on that day.


The events calendar also gives you the option to have a look at all upcoming events in a particular month. This is good if you would like to view what upcoming events will you commemorate in your business. Also, it perfect to easily tie it to your marketing calendar. Of when you would like to create sales or introduce new products in your business.

Once you schedule a post, it is here that you are going to see when it is going to be published.

And because you cannot backdate posts, once a day has passed, the dashboard automatically disables anything to be published on that specific day.

Instagram Scheduling

There are only two tools that I have tried and tested in the market today that can automatically publish to Instagram. Those are grum and later. All the rest, will only send you a notification/reminder so that you can post.

The same goes for Promorepublic.

For you to schedule to instagram, you will have to download their app.

Promorepublic vs Hootsuite vs Buffer

Because the events calendar is also part of the scheduling tool. I thought I should compare how promorepublic stacks against the giant social media scheduling tools in the market today.

That is hootsuite and buffer.

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Unlike buffer and hootsuite, the promorepublic scheduling calendar shows how your posts are going to fall. By day and even month. You get to see what day doesn’t have any post.

Where as with buffer and hootsuite all scheduled posts appear in a pipeline kind of format. I have to keep scrolling to see what post will be published when and if a day is missed.

The next thing where I believe both hootsuite and buffer have an upper hand to promorepublic is the “best time to post” feature.

With hootsuite’s autoschedule feature you simply get to select the days, number of posts and time period it should post. The rest will be determined by hootsuite. Because responses vary based on also period. It keeps tweaking based on how your audience responds.

This to me is the best autoschedule feature of all three.

In comparison to buffer, once you have set the time, you need to keep coming back to tweak it based on responses.

Promorepublic’s scheduling feature, in my opinion is quite hidden. It is hard to get to it. And in most cases you will miss it. The feature is called “Momento”


To find it, you need to click on “gear” image next to your page name. Which then can only publish within two set times. This is good for platforms such as Facebook but not very convinient for Twitter.

I also think the frequency of which one would like to post in a day should not be limited to twice daily. Morning and night.

Why do I think it is hidden?

I only came across the feature when I wanted to disconnect a page/profile.

Promorepublic Statistics

This easily leads me to the statistics feature. Why? Because if we are comparing promorepublic to buffer and hootsuite, let’s look at the variety of ways they are different and/or similar.

First off, if you want decent analytics for the various platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It is best to stick to the analytics offered by these platforms. They are more comprehensive than what promorepublic, buffer or hootsuite offer.

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On buffer and hootsuite, you only get to see how your post performed only if you scheduled with that specific platform. Where as for promorepublic you get to see an analysis of posts you published whether you used the platform or not.

The only current hitch, I can now only see analytics from 29th, December 2017. I would like to think that is a bug and I will update latter once it is fixed.

Before today you could see your stats from the most recent post published.

One more thing I like about their analytics, they do divide clicks from visits. Normally most platforms combine both clicks and visits. Clicks include the read more feature. And most of the times, I would like to see who actually clicked through to the link.

The performance statistics feature is only available to the superior package.

Promorepublic Graphic Editor

You can access the graphics editor from two main spots.

  • One by clicking the editor or create post from the main navigation panel on the dashboard.
  • Two from clicking on any of the post ideas (both from calendar and post ideas section)

When you use the latter, you can schedule it immediately or tweak it.

As you can see from the graphics editor, it is quite similar to other graphics editor tools in the market such as canva and designbold.


On the right hand panel, you get your navigation to view templates.

At the top you get to set your dimensions. Undo or redo what you have done. Save, download, use or cancel.

  • Save – use this if you would like to use this template at another time. Whether to pick up from where you left off or as a template for other posts.
  • Download – self-explanatory. I would suggest you use this feature to see how the post will actually look like before publishing. This brings me to my biggest concern about promorepublic. As much as I would like to set it and forget it. Sometimes once the graphics have been published, they do not look the same as they did on the dashboard or as I was editing it. It does not happen all the time, but just the chance it can happen, usually makes me hesitate
  • Use – once you are done editing an image and you would like to publish it immediately or schedule. This is the button you should click.
  • Cancel – self-explanatory as well. Simply takes you back to the former screen you were on before getting to the editor page.

Promorepublic does give a wide selection of free beautiful stock pictures to choose from. All of them are free for you to use as you would like. They have also improved on their search feature. Where as initially you had to scroll to find images that suited you. Today you can simply search for them as you would on any other stock site.

Promorepublic vs Stencil vs Canva

The graphics offered by promorepublic in comparison to stencil are far superior. Stencil is good for quick edits and their templates still do need some work.

When you compare canva to promorepublic, they are quite similar. Apart from one feature. Which I mentioned earlier. Promorepublic images do not always translate the same. From your final image on the graphics editor and what you download.

On the other hand, canva does upsell you certain templates and images, promorepublic doesn’t.

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If you would like to see only what you have scheduled for your platforms, click on “Events” at the top and all suggestions will disappear and you will be left with what you have already scheduled. Of course if nothing is scheduled then the calendar will be empty.


Promorepublic Integration

Well, if you already have systems in place for scheduling your social media posts, but you like the ease of editing and creating graphics Promorepublic offers, then this is for you.

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Hubspot & Buffer

You can enable Buffer or Hubspot with a click of a button.


And you can disconnect Buffer by a click of a button. If you would like to disconnect Hubspot, you will have to get in touch with the Promorepublic team on



As for Hootsuite you will have to install the Promorepublic extension.


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In addition to everything promorepublic has to offer, at the core of it all, they want you to succeed and see results from all your social media efforts. That way they offer free webinars every Tuesday. You can sign up for them to learn more about social media marketing.

And above is a replay list of all the past webinars. Make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel. So that you can get notified once they upload a new video.

The webinars are usually hosted by an amazing lady called Alla Bogdan. You will love her.

You could also join their Facebook group. Where you will receive free access to live videos, webinar recordings, expert advices, exclusive ebooks and reports.

They also have a social media course you can sign up for that will help in mastering:

  • How to set up your social media profiles
  • How to grow your numbers
  • How to come up with a social media strategy specific per channel
  • How to re-enforce branding and design
  • Mastering Facebook ads


If you got the appsumo lifetime deal, then you should redeem your coupon code right now. With the link you find in your dashboard.

If the appsumo offer came and went and you did not manage to secure yourself a lifetime ticket, then you can find promorepublic on briefcase, appsumo’s sister company.

On briefcase, they normally have a limited number of coupons per product. And you will be paying a monthly subscription. This subscription will give you access to promorepublic and more. Normally, subscribing to all these platforms would cost you at least $1000.


As of today, I do not think there is an alternative to promorepublic in the market. Most tools as I have shown are either a graphics editor or a scheduling tool. Promorepublic merges the two functions.

I have covered how you can get more from their Facebook group, weekly social media marketing webinars and where to sign up at. I have shared a link to all their past webinar recordings. You could also sign up to their academy and become a master at social media marketing.

And finally, I have shared with you how you can get it for a steal.

How do you currently manage your social media marketing?