How to implement the triple P framework in selecting the perfect blog niche

The number one question I normally get asked… No, wait. I really cannot quantify that. One of the top questions I get asked everyday is; “What is the perfect blog niche to start my blog on?”

Whether you phrase the perfect blog niche as the best blog niche or perfect website niche. The answer to all of these questions is just one.

You are not asking the right question.

perfect blog niche topic for monetization

In fact, no one can dip their fingers in a kimono and pull out the perfect blog niche for you. Because when you ask someone to tell you what niche that will not only give you a few bucks every month but actually enable you to live the lifestyle you desire.

You are asking them to figure out what your passion is.

You are asking them to figure out what you are experienced in.

You are asking them to find out what you are knowledgeable in.

Then find a balance of all three and give it to you.

Don’t you think you are the better person in figuring that out?

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Now you may be wondering; how can you determine that for yourself.

In a short while I will show you a simple three step called the triple P framework that will help you narrow down what niche is best for you.

What is a blog niche?

Before defining what a blog niche is, let us be clear on what a blog is.

The term blog was brought about by merging the term “web log”. This was designed for people and/or communities to journal their every day life online. Whether it was daily, weekly or monthly. Today it still carries the same meaning.

A blog niche on the other hand is the practice of creating a blog with the intent of marketing it to a particular market.

This is why if you are fond of the food industry, you will go and search for “food blogs”. Making your blog centrally focused on one niche will not only help you but also bring clarity to your readers. This way they do know what solutions you do provide on your blog.

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How to find the perfect blog niche

The triple P framework stands for:

  • Precision – your perfect blog niche should be clear on exactly the market you are targeting and what you are writing about. If you write a little about this and that, then it might take twice as much time to be able to create a continuous income flow.
  • Profitable – if you are going to make a living from your blog, then your niche topic needs to be profitable. What exactly will be your monetization strategy?
  • Principles – last but not least; for your niche topic to be considered as perfect, it has to align with your own values and principles.


The first step about finding the perfect blog niche is to set aside some time for peace and quite. Away from all distractions. Yes, take your phone to the next room and have it on silent.

For the next fifteen minutes you will simply need a pen and a paper. If you can promise yourself not be distracted, you can use the notepad option on your computer or mobile device.

Next, you will need to genuinely answer the following questions. Do not overthink it. Two to five answers per question is more than enough

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Question one:

What do other people come to you for help?

For example:

How to create spreadsheets and formulas for data extraction

How to resolve their relationship problems

How to remove bathroom stains

Where to find affordable and fashionable jewelry

Questions two

What would I like to know more of?

Example answers

How to be a better photographer

What specs makes a gadget superior to another

How to edit images in lightroom and photoshop

Question three

What am I qualified in?

I would suggest limiting this to what you are actually qualified in and you can show relevant papers to prove it. The certifications could range from four year courses to two day training certificates.

Example answers

Bachelor in commerce

Front end programming


Question four

What comes naturally to you?

The answers to this question and the first question may be similar. The only difference is the first question may help you spot blind spots on something you are actually good at but you do not know of it yet.

If different people keep coming to you for solutions on a particular topic, then that means they value your opinion on it. Also, it does indicates demand in the market for the solution you provide

Example answers

How to live within a budget

How to find coupons and discounts

Spotting wrong data entry

Can you see how easy this process is? How long did that take you? Nine minutes?

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In this short exercise you are simply going to find out the possibility of making money in that field. The more people advertising and the more courses you find in a particular idea the higher the likelihood to make money in the field.

This is one part of the exercise of selecting the perfect niche blog that most people forget. Then you find yourself wondering how other bloggers are making money and you are barely making ten extra dollars in a week.

What will be your core method to monetize your blog?

There are three core ways to monetize a blog.

  • Advertising – ranging from placing third-party ads on your site to sponsored posts
  • Affiliate marketing – earning a fee, either a flat commission or a percentile from people who purchase products using your unique link.
  • Creation of products and selling

Just because you select one method here does not mean you cannot expand to other methods of making money on your blog.

This is to simply give you an idea of how you can start making money from your blog from the onset of your blog launch. If you are already familiar with one monetization strategy, start with that.

Next, pause your ad blocker (if you have it as part of your extensions). Otherwise you may not see some Google Adwords. And we are looking for people spending money advertising to the niche blog you want to jump in.

Using the following terms paste on Google and copy your results to the spreadsheet

  • How to “your niche idea”
  • The fastest way to “your niche idea”
  • “your niche idea” affiliate marketing programs
  • “your niche idea” sponsored posts
  • How do become “your niche idea”
  • What to do if “your niche idea”

To search for Facebook ads go to Adespresso 

Then for courses search on udemy, skillshare, creative market

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As always do not over think it. Simply copy paste the course, affiliate program or ad you find to your sheet. Choose three to five per topic idea and move on to the next idea.

The more thorough you are at this stage, the faster will you be able to monetize your blog.

Narrow your blog niche

As you narrow your blog niche, this is where you will determine if it is in alignment with your principles.

Using the same spreadsheet, we are now going to narrow down all the valid topic ideas you came up with and choose one.

After all, this is what we were aiming for in the first process.

In the first column, copy paste all your ideas that you found to be valid and able to make you money.

In the second column, rate your idea on a scale of 1-10 on how excited you are about that topic.

In the third column, rate on a scale of 1-10 how your idea can help other people

Finally, in the fourth column, rate on a scale of 1-10 the probability of you making money from that idea.

The total grade will help you see what will be almost the perfect blog niche for you to start in.


As you have seen, using the triple P framework is the easiest way to determine what niche you should start your blog.

Precision will help you to be clear on what you are going to blog about.

Profitability helps you determine what blog monetization strategy will be

Principles helps you choose a topic that you are excited about and will not go against your values.

And with the download spreadsheet, you can do this in those easy to follow steps I stipulated.

Was this helpful to you? What blog niche will you be starting?