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Hello fancy face

I want to actively help you achieve a skill you can make a living out of especially in this age of innovation.

Startups Kenya was founded in 2015 and was created for young people. To teach them on how to start a side hustle and actually grow from it

OK. Enough about that jargon of writing in third person to sound all professional while I am just one person trying to make a difference in my own little way.

Since the inception of this blog it has taken me around six months to write the about page. After several attempts to try and sound well learned and articulate, I woke up one evening (actually today 16 July, 2016 at 9:17 PM, I understand the irony. It is a Saturday and I had already retired) and decided I will power through the about page and click publish before I head back to bed.

Rather than trying to sound smarter than I actually am, I am going to write to you as I would my friend.

Which in many ways, but simpler words you are.

And here is why…

You have been looking for various ways to make money online. You have called those numbers in posters on social media promising to pay you Kshs 5,000 to 20,000 each week. You have started a blog, whom am I kidding you are probably on your third blog by now. You are just ten inches away from calling Mama Khadija from Tanzania to help you get rich.

Simply put, you have gone from place to place, door to door, one Google search after the other, yearning to find this dynamite that everyone seems to be using and not only succeeding but also making their living wage online.

I know what you are thinking, why you? I mean, everyone has one of these, so why should I sign up for yours? Simply because you get to pay for some of my programs by the cent. You be the judge.

Sweat no more fancy face, your wish has finally been granted. This is the place where I share real, hands-on, step-by-step training on how to start your business online and propel it to success.

I am Muthoni Wambugu, and if I am not wrong I started my first blog as a joke back in 2009. Never really maintained it, but that was back in the day when Google Adsense actually paid you a significant amount of money to have ads displayed on your blog.

Since then, I have probably started dozens of blogs and built twice as many websites. Truth of the matter is, it was difficult and I wouldn’t want you to experience the same agony I did.

Now you are probably wondering is this the person for me…

And in most cases, the answer is NO… Here is why

Because of the anonymity the online platform can provide, people have established embellished and sparkly views of how easy it is to make money online. And let’s not forget the scammers. So some if not most people have equated making money online and selling products online as some sort of “Overnight success” scheme.

If that is part of your expectation, it is best you just leave now. As much as you will be able to make money in future on auto-pilot, while starting out it takes a whole lot of time, work, pent up frustration and sleepless yet exciting nights to get there. And like a well-oiled engine it takes work to adapt to changes online from your customers and competitors to keep it that way.

If you are still here and agreed you are not this person…

Here is what you can gain from me,

You can start by visiting the blog and see what I have written. I have been called the clergy of free and hands on articles even with all the spelling errors you WILL come across.

If that appeases you, come join me and a couple other stellar brains cells and solopreneurs just like yourself on our FREE Facebook group. Here you will get to interact one on one with me and fellow entrepreneurs. Ask questions on what you are doing, share insights on what has worked and lessons learnt.

If you are seeing so much value in that, imagine what you can get by joining my email list and receiving my exclusive hand-on, step-by-step trainings. You also get to be the first to know of any upcoming programs and ridiculous discounts. I have some people pay by the cent for some of my programs, just for being on my email list.

Now let’s get to work