7 lame blogging excuses you should not be using

Do you remember when you were in grade five and you were a pro in coming up with lame excuses? You thought you were so good at it, cause you always got away with small mistakes. In fact you were brilliant. It is the same with these lame blogging excuses you keep telling yourself.

lame blogging excuses

The truth of the matter is, they are lame for a reason. They are the horse pile of junk you keep telling yourself not to start. Not to take action.

They hold you back from achieving your goals.

They hold you back from expanding your reach

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They hold you back from becoming an authority in your industry.

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Lame Blogging Excuses

So today, I though I will highlight on legit reasons (or so you think) and telling you can start either way if you don’t achieve these.

Lame Blogging Excuse One

Waiting for the ideal moment

There is never an ideal moment to start something. Things just don’t fall into place for you to do what you would like. Yes, you probably have school and a 9-5 job. So you are waiting until you are done with school so you can start. But after school, another reason will pop-up.

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You will probably get promoted at your 9-5 and it will demand more from you.

The best time to start a blog was 10 years ago (Look at industry experts such as Neil Patel). The next best time is now.

Lame Blogging Excuse Two

Working on building your following/audience

This one actually sounds legit. If I even for a second started overthinking starting this blog last year, I would have come up with this excuse to hold me back. After all, who are you going to promote your content to, if you do not have an audience? For a blog to grow, you need traffic. A great deal of it.

Though after some experience blogging, my question to you is this…

“What if you build an audience, but not the right audience for your content. What next?”

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The truth of the matter is, it is only after you start, that you will meet the ideal audience for you.

I am not saying building your social influence is a problem. I am just saying, it is not as important as the amount of FOCUS you will need to grow your blog.

You would rather get traffic of people who will actually consume your content. Rather than traffic of people who are the least bit interested in what you are creating.

Lame Blogging Excuse Three

Agonizing over a WordPress theme

There is no such thing as a perfect WordPress theme. Unless you hire a developer to create one for you.

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Even the top selling WordPress themes on Themeforest.

In fact steer clear of Themefoerst when you are starting out. You not only not know what you want but you probably have no idea how bloated some of those themes are.

Visit StudioPress or Elegant Themes for a decent premium theme. No funds for that? No problem. You can still start blogging on other people’s platforms as a guest blogger.

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Still there are so many free WordPress themes out there that you can get started with. Still experiencing a problem? Comment below and I might be able to assist you with this.

Lame Blogging Excuse Four

Training to be a better writer

This is my all time favorite.

I have heard it one too many times that I simple ignore it when I come across it. That is how lame it is. It is the same old “I need to read this book before…”, “I need to be certified in this before…”

Yeah! The blanks are for you to fill with whatever junk of an excuse you can think of.

A certificate, training, course, program do not qualify you to do anything. For some jobs, they may get you through the door. But that’s about it.

Just because I am trained to be a developer does not mean I am a qualified to develop systems. It is the work I put into developing that makes me qualified.

It is the work you put into writing 1000 word articles everyday for a year or two years that will make you a better writer.

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You should have a look at some of my earlier articles. They are as crap as they can get. Am I the best of writers at the moment? Not even by an inch. But here I am, still trying.

Lame Blogging Excuse Five

Waiting for your freelancer friend

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

What is the other statement?

If you want it for FREE it will be GOOD and not FAST or FAST and not GOOD.

You will be trading one thing for the other. And most certainly than not, it will not be FAST. Unless your freelancer friend is also just starting out and they need to use your blog as part of their portfolio.

And that in and of itself is a stretch.

If you are ever going to achieve anything, you need to refuse waiting for something. Ever! Either learn how to do it. So many DIY tutorials on YouTube today or hire someone to do it.

The beauty of hiring someone, is they have to deliver. And if they don’t, you fire them and hire someone who is qualified and professional.

At times, this means doing away with the idea.

While creating the 7 Hour Blog program, my designer disappointed me by not delivering. I did away with him and designed the entire thing by myself on DesignBold. For a fraction of the price. It did set my launch day back by two days.

Lame Blogging Excuse Six

Taking the time to learn the technicalities of owning a blog

And what are the technicalities that you already have?

Why are you reasoning of some upcoming problems that you do not have to deal with yet?

Why are you allowing that to overwhelm you?

It is like thinking of the technicalities of owning a car and letting that hold you back from owning a car.

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Lame Blogging Excuse Seven

Searching for the perfect domain name

This is pretty much like agonizing over the perfect theme.

Your blog is going to morph when you start out. Unless you started an affiliate blog and not an authority blog.

You may start a blog about baking but only when you start will you realize what it actually entails.

You want to know a little secret?

I absolutely dislike my current domain name. Will I change it? Yes, of course. Did I like it when I first started out? Yes I did. Is it holding me back from generating new content? Absolutely not.

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You can either have an excuse or find a way.

Do not let an excuse hold you back from experiencing a new way of life. It may not be blogging. But an excuse is holding you back from the life you actually want to live.

What excuses are holding you back from starting a blog?