How to generate $500+ monthly even if you have no traffic or large social following

According to Pew Research, 30% of Americans who use Twitter make $75,000+. They also indicate 29% of users are likely to have a college degree. Thus indicating to be a tad educated.

Twitter is that social platform that most people; bloggers included do not know how to leverage. Thus the ambiguous statement that is flung all over: “Twitter is dead”

Well, in today’s article, I am not only going to prove you wrong, but I will also show you how I use only one tool to make at least an extra five hundred dollars a month.

Case in point:


These are earnings from one affiliate account and 90% of it is generated from Twitter. This is how much I made in the month of October. From just one account.

jooicer review twitter make money

Jooicer Review

this article does contain affiliate links to Jooicer. If you purchase using my link, I will get a commission from your sale. That does not mean it will cost you an extra penny

When you visit the Jooicer homepage, there tagline simply states exactly what they do. There main objective is to grow your Twitter audience.


And the Jooicer team does highlight four core things they can do for you:

  • Targeted followers – grow your Twitter followers with targeted followers
  • Get leads – Increase the number of visits to your landing page
  • Community curation – clean your account of old followers who stop following you
  • Strategy – review and choose the modules that help you the most in your strategy


They further go ahead and explain, they will help you come up with a strategy if you have none for your Twitter account.

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And that is something I can attest to. There customer support team is always ready and willing to help.

What they fail to mention and what actually enables me to make an extra five hundred dollars a month is their automated twitter scheduling tool for tweets.

Jooicer Manage Account

Once you access your Jooicer account, the first thing you need to do is connect your Twitter account.

To make it easier for you, make sure you are already logged in to your Twitter account in the browser that you are using.

Jooicer Module Settings

Jooicer does everything under the sun on Twitter for you.

The team has clearly spent some time to think about what would be best for the customers. You can set automations based on likes, retweets, users and user bios.

The key to be successful on Twitter using Jooicer is to be familiar with the hashtags people in your industry use.

Premium Modules

The premium modules are classified by:

  • following other tweeps,
  • creating lists and adding other tweeps to those lists,
  • private messaging new followers
  • favoriting tweets
  • retweeting tweets

And for each of these actions, there is an undo button apart from retweeting tweets


Once you know how to activate one module, you will duplicate the same process to all the other modules.

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Activating Jooicer Modules

For this example, I am going to be activating the follow users by keyword in tweet

First off, I will click on the radio button on the top right corner


You will be redirected to the following page


Over here, you will set at least one hashtag (you have a maximum of five).

In my case, since I am quite active on Twitter chats and I blog about conversion boosting blogging. I will split my hashtags based on these two categories.

Remember to place the hashtag sign before your keyword like shown below


Next, select your preferred language. And finally click on save and enable.

When you head back to module settings, your module should be active as shown below.

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To deactivate simply click on the radio button one more time. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save and disable.

Whitelist and Blacklist

You can choose to whitelist or blacklist specific Twitter handles for the Jooicer algorithm to not follow or unfollow.

Whitelist – any twitter handle in this list will not be unfollowed by Jooicer

Blacklist – any twitter handle in this list will not be followed by Jooicer


Daily Limits

This is mostly based on the subscription plan you are paying. The least amount of daily limits is one hundred and fifty from the starter plan

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When you are simply starting off your account, I would start with at least a limit of twenty and then keep increasing accordingly.

Just to be cautious and not get your Twitter account de-activated.

Scheduled Tweets

Yes, we are finally at my favorite part of Jooicer.


Before you start scheduling your tweets, you need to create queues. You can have as many queues as you would like.

For each queue you create, you have to set a schedule. How often, do you want to publish a tweet from that queue and at what time?

So say you create a queue for “Affiliate Program One”. I would like to share six tweets a day from this queue. If that is distributed evenly, that means a tweet every four hours.

It may seem cumbersome at first, but remember this is a set it and forget it exercise. All you will be doing later, is simply adding or removing tweets from the queue.

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To keep things simple, I would have queues for each individual affiliate program I am part of, a queue to share my articles from the blog, a queue to share curated content I have found on the web and a queue for a little entertainment. Such as asking questions and sharing quotes.


You may have noticed a little check box next to recurring. Click on this only when you want that queue to be publishing indefinitely.

That means, once a tweet is published, it is sent to the back of the queue to be published once again.

This is great for your affiliate queues and your blog article queues.

Jooicer Dashboard

Once you have enabled your daily limits and at least one Jooicer module, you can always come and see your progress.


For example, currently I am at a follow back ratio of 57%. Not too shabby. That means for every ten people the Jooicer algorithm follows, 5.7 of them follow me back


Jooicer Plans and Pricing

You can get all the modules from as low as $9 monthly.

The only thing that separates all the plans, is the number of daily actions the Jooicer algorthim has to do.


Also, the more people you refer the longer you can use Jooicer without paying a dime.

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jooicer-refer-a-friend program


As you have seen, you do not need to have a large following on Twitter or thousands of blog traffic to make an extra $500 a month.

All it takes is to understand your ideal readers and a Jooicer subscription. So go on, and give it a shot.

You have five days to try it for free. And if you want to keep using it before paying a dime, make sure you refer a friend or two.