How to make money as a blogger

This is an article I wrote before changing hosts. I went from Sasahost to Siteground. More on the why I moved later. Immediately after the move, I had written an article with all my body and soul and all that’s good in this life.

What I forgot to do is change nameservers first before publishing the article. You may be thinking I hadn’t backed up my site first before moving servers. I did. I just shouldn’t have made any other changes to the site before changing nameservers. [Yeah, there were a lot of changes I did before changing nameservers but this article pained me the most]

So once I changed the redirection of the nameservers [I still have my domain hosted with Sasahost], I lost all my changes.

It was a stupid mistake. It pained me. A great deal.

That was about a month or two ago.

Well, yesterday or over the weekend, I found the article in my Instant Article Feed. I was so elated. I couldn’t contain it.

I kept debating, should I republish this article?

You know, I actually re-wrote it. But with not as much heart and enthusiasm as I did this.

This morning I said to myself. I spent time writing this, I will re-publish it.

Tell me what you think?

E-learning is a $107B industry.

Why am I telling you this? Well, stick with me…

You may also be thinking this is the same for any industry. Which is true, if you look at any industry be it mechanical, electrical or design; they are all billion or million dollar businesses.

The thing about e-learning is it encompasses all these other industries and doesn’t necessarily have limit to entry. You can sell the information you already know.

  • Know how to cook Swahili dishes, teach that.
  • Know how to change oil, teach that.
  • Know your cultural New Year dance, teach that.
  • Know how to re-purpose wine bottles, glass jars, simply teach people how to do it.

In fact it is predicted by 2019, half of all classes will be delivered online. This will range from beauty to programming to even farming.

So as a blogger, you definitely have a certain level or degree of knowledge of what you are writing about.

Why aren’t you trying to monetize on it?

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Why aren’t you selling information online?

You can sell a product from as low as $5 to as high as $5000 (build your level of authority and audience first before selling high ticket items).

Why not create a simple product, market it on your blog and see if you can actually make a living through your blog other than through ads and affiliate programs.

Remember how in the first couple of lines you were wondering why I was telling you all this mumbo jumbo? Well, I have realized as I scheme through different websites that bloggers earn through:

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing

Nothing wrong with these two models of making money but they both have a limiting factor. One with advertising it matters with the amount of traffic and also level of influence you have. Unless you are Larry Madowo, no way will a brand come by your blog and pay you more than they pay Sharon Mundia of This is Ess.

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Next, affiliate marketing is all about selling someone else’s product or service. They have to purchase first then you receive a certain commission. (percentages differ from one affiliate program to the other) The issue with this, they can go out of business or pull down their product or the entire program. They have the controlling power, you don’t.

Now with information selling, you hold all the control.

All the products or service are yours.

And to top it all off, you create a product once and you can generate income from it all through. What online marketers call evergreen product or service or funnel.

Not so fast Muthoni, what is an evergreen funnel or product or service?

I know that’s what you are asking.

It is simply having your product be able to sell at all times throughout the entire year.

If I create a WordPress theme today then opt to sell it. It is one theme but one person can buy it, ten people can buy it even thousands can buy it. It is all one product

This is different from me sitting and building a site for someone. Because the time I spent to build that site is almost equivalent to building an entire theme. But with building a theme it can be rebuild for many different people.

Same concept as books.

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You get it?

Well, now that I have got your heart racing thinking of all the millions you can make creating pottery. You are wondering how do I go from nothing to my millions.

First off, by stopping visualizing millions

This is not a get rich quick scam.

You still need to create products that add value to people’s lives. Not anything fancy shmancy per se. More of what does the buyer actually get?

Will I go from not knowing how to file my taxes to filing my taxes like I was born doing it? Or will I still be as clueless as I was in the beginning.

Remember, in the online word; one bad comment and you will spend triple marketing your product trying to convince clients or future clients you are the real deal. It truly is a ripple effect. Six months down the line, Mokirae will still be haunting your sales page or online forums.

Once you have established and made the commitment to make and create products that will add value to people’s live, you need to establish how you are going to deliver your product.

There are five main ways that I know you can do it.

I am sure a simple search on the internet will show more than these five.

What are they you ask…


A mini course is teaching people how to do something through video, audio or portable takeaways from point A to point B.

It could be not knowing how to do my own graphics to having a basic understanding of Adobe Creative Suite (this includes Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign)

A mini-course should have five or more modules but less than fifteen.

By the time your buyer is done with your course, what is the giant take away from it? That should be the question you are asking. Are they going to be proficient at doing their own Google Adwords? Are they going to be able to create at home birthday cards? Will they be able to create a five course meal for their loved one and come out as a star chef?

Whatever you promise to your buyer be sure to deliver it through your mini-course.

Co-creation products

One other profitable way you can make money as a blogger.

Now this can be a little bit complicated.

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Just as the term co-create means, co-creation products are items you assist your customer or client to do. You create the rough framework and they have to color or simply connect the dots.Remember “Connect the dots” game? Use the same strategy.

So for example you can use a simple email sequence you use to welcome new subscribers which generally increases your engagement level on your emails. And sell that. Now you can leave some parts blank with a simple “How to” for them to fill later.

Another way to use co-creation is by developing already cut-out sizes for at home tailors. With a complete how-to for them to stitch the fabrics together.

Membership site

A membership site is to ensure you have at least a recurring revenue model.

Creating a new product every month can be exhausting. Well for me it is.

Now you need to create a membership site around a certain industry or a category for it. We saw with mini-course you are moving people from point A to point B. With a membership site you are moving people from point A to point Z.

You are teaching all that you know. And refreshing and adding new classes every single month.

I mean I won’t be paying you $10 or $40 each month and the course work hasn’t been update between January and March. I got better things to spend with my money.

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So if you are a graphic designer, you are teaching how to make infographics first month. Next month posters, the other month stick figures followed by front-end web design… You get what am saying?

If you are a cook, you teaching preparation of different courses. Time consuming courses. Quick snack. How to eat healthy?

Name it, Alesha you provide it.

Please do share you family cooking secret. I will buy that for I hate being left out.

Coaching/Online consulting

I have noticed (it may not be the same everywhere but it is what I see) people being coached for months even years and they are still not self-reliant.

Now in the corporate world, I notice consultants are hired for short periods of time. Three to six months at most two years. Even the government of Kenya is regulating NGO’s to hire expatriates on a three year basis. That way one needs to impact the society they are brought in. Otherwise what use were you for?

As a consultant aim to empower your clients to be able to stand for themselves.

As a consultant you transfer your knowledge base to your client. You not only do the work you have been hired to do but you also leave your client at a state in which they can sustain themselves without you. Train your client. I know this is getting you all queasy. Wondering how you can maintain a recurring monthly revenue?

Look at it this way…

There is only a certain number of people you can consult with at any given time. And if you keep consulting with the same clients over and over again, you are also not growing. And you don’t want that.


Remember the time you spent hours, days and even weeks locating and booking rooms, creating and promoting tickets for people to come to you event. How at the end of it all you felt like it wasn’t worthwhile. I mean all that work and only six people showed up.

How about doing the same and simply having an online masterclass.

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All you need is perfect lighting (natural lighting can do) and a camera (rip that masking tape off your webcam) and you can teach the same thing online.

The thing about masterclass, it requires less the amount of time it would take to have a physical class teaching the same thing. Less people are involved. The lesser the people involved creating an event the lesser amount of people you have to manage. The less the amount of stress you may have.

Also, you get to charge less. This doesn’t mean your worth is lesser. But only because you have less people you need to pay like booked rooms and sound equipment. Also, you can still charge the same amount you would charge for a physical location and get to keep the profits

Remember to keep a recording to all your masterclasses. You never know when they will come in handy. You can sell them or use them as a lead magnet.

Looking forward to seeing how you will leverage some of these methods to monetize your blog.

Want to include more ideas, comment below and I will add them to the post and link back to your site.

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