How to create an effective Twitter content strategy

Since I started my Twitter account it has taken some time for me to come up with an effective Twitter content strategy.

I have never had the interest to really grow my Twitter following. Not because they are not worth it but simply because I consider the number of followers you have to be vanity metrics.

effective twitter content strategy

That is a couple days ago (4) when I decided to visit my Twitter analytics dashboard.

Simply to see what kind of followers am I attracting after deciding to enable Quuu and Viral Buzz Content.

Before using Quuu, my Twitter feed was dead. I hardly posted anything. I would probably post once a week and that about summed it up.

Some weeks I would post twice as you can see below.

may twitter impressions

Until the last days of May did I sign up to Quuu. Quuu has two programs. One is to promote your own content and the other is to promote other people’s content.

You get to pick what categories you would like to share articles from and the number of articles you would like to share. You can even link Quuu and your buffer account for scheduling purposes. And that’s exactly what I did.

Once that was done, I decided not only would I like to promote other people’s content but I would also like to promote my own content.

I do that through Quuu Promote and Viral Content Buzz.

Viral Content Buzz is a FREE forum to get your content shared. (technically FREE because it doesn’t require you to provide your credit card)

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In Viral Content Buzz, the more you share other people’s contents the more credits you receive. You spend your credits by creating “projects”. These projects require those credits so as other people can share.

september tweets impressions startupskenya

Now those are my impressions after enabling both Quuu and Viral Content Buzz.

30 day period tweet impressions startupskenya

But it is only until 4 days ago did I come up with a Twitter strategy that seems to be working like gangbusters.

Check above graph and see the drastic changes. In one day, I got the number of impressions I got the previous month. Ridiculous. So what did I do to achieve this?

Effective Twitter Content Strategy

According to Social Quant, after having viewed over 1 billion Twitter impressions, the top 20% of Twitter users who are sending quality traffic to their websites tweet approximately 50-70 times a day.

I know.

Quality traffic from Twitter insane. But to achieve these number of tweets one needs to tweet every 20 minutes to 30 minutes a day. We are not even sleeping in this business. Crazy. Insane. That is 40X more than the rest 80% of frequent Twitter users.

But am here to tell you about an effective Twitter content strategy. And tweeting every 20 minutes is not an effective strategy.

[ctt template=”4″ link=”yJ9K0″ via=”no” ]The top 20% of @Twitter users that send quality traffic to their websites tweet 50-70 times a day @socialquant @michaelkawula[/ctt]

5 types of content you should share on Twitter

From trial, these types of contents work best for you and your brand.

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  • Quotes
  • Freebies
  • Current trends
  • Social proof
  • Your articles

Current trends can include live events (physical or virtual), normal trends such as #bufferchat, #blogchat or even what is trending on Twitter in your region.

The key to utilizing current trends is finding the right trends to join. And the right kind of trends, are trends that will place you directly in front of your customer base.

So if you are talking about mechanics and aeronautical engineering, there is no need for you to follow trends concerning gossip blogs.

If you are selling products be it customized services or mainstream products, share the feedback from previous customers. Social proof can also include places you have been featured in.

As for Freebies, you need to tweet out your offers from the blog every 3-4 hours. These freebies will lead people to a landing page on your website that will require them to sign up to receive the freebie. And that is how you convert quality traffic to leads who you may eventually convert into paying customers.

I have had an increase of 1016 new subscribers that it led me to remove the subscribe options on my blog. Reason being my funnels aren’t fully created. But now that I know it works, I am working on how to make the most of Twitter.

Tweet Structure

Your tweets should contain:

  • Great images with the recommended size for Twitter.(1024 x 512)
  • 3 or less hashtags – hashtags enable you to reach the right people.
  • Tag people. If you are tweeting an article, tag the people you have mentioned on your blog. If they like it they may as well retweet it to their followers.

Definitely I am assuming you are sharing quality content and you understand the 80/20 rule.

80% of content you share is yours and the other 20% belongs to other people. These people could be partners or people whom you want to get on their radar.

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Recommended tools

After much research online, I have found socialoomph and post planner to be the best tools we have to date.

With socialoomph beating post planner by a smudge.

And here is why.

Socialoomph will allow you to create queues that will keep tweeting your content on a recycle basis. Which means, once the queue is done, it will start back from the top.

Well, you may say Post planner also offers that option. Well, Socialoomph allows you to have more than one queue.

So you can have a queue for all your articles from your blog, you can have another queue for quotes, you can have another queue for your freebies and another queue for all the guest post articles you have done in various blogs.

And you can set these queues to tweet after every hour, day or minutes and seconds if you like.

So say, you already have a database of over 100 quotes with images and another 100 without. And another 50 articles on your blog and also 10 guest post articles you have done.

You can set-up these queues in probably 2-3 hours (or even hire a virtual assistant to do it) and have them stay in a loop tweeting after every hour.

See how you can achieve 50 tweets a day without much sweat afterwards.

You can also always add to your queues. So as you keep generating more content, you keep adding the new content to your queue. Which means, you can go 5 days without repeating content. And always seem like you are generating more content.

This not only helps you grow your follower base on Twitter but also helps you grow your subscribers list whom you may eventually turn to paying customers.