Don’t waste your time guest blogging unless you are applying these tips

Guest blogging is like dieting. Even when you know its benefits, it is next to impossible to get started. What site should I guest blog on? For how long should I be guest blogging? How will I know it is working? Forget all that. In this article, I am going to show you the five essential guest blogging tips if you want to:

  • Leverage influence through association and
  • Ranking higher in the search engines through backlinking.

Having been a guest blogger for the past twelve months and written over one hundred thousand words that got published on other platforms. Here are some hard lessons I learnt along the way, that you can avoid guest blogging tips and opportunities


When I first got started, guest blogging was just a term thrown in the content marketing forums (still is) as a way to leverage backlinks. But backlinks in and of itself is useless (especially if all you are getting is a no-follow link; more on that later) if it does not tie to the main objective of your website. What are you trying to attain from guest blogging?

  • Build attention to your products and services
  • Bringing attention to your expertise
  • Increasing leads that will later become sales

Because if it doesn’t tie to the main objective of your blog, then there is absolutely no need to spend hours researching and writing that piece of article. So the key here is to remember the reason as to why you started your blog in the first place. Then tie your guest blogging objectives to it. This way you will be able to measure if your guest blogging is a success or not.

Promotion & Engagement

No matter what your goal is, your article needs to get as much traffic as possible. And how does that traffic convert into engagement on the site? Why? A site with an average of at least ten comments (comments that contribute to the article rather than “nice article” types of comments) in its last five articles demonstrates two things:

  • A targeted audience
  • Get a preview of the type of content; people on this site engage with, as well as the questions they ask.

So when looking for websites to guest post on, pay attention to how they promote their articles. You want to tap their audience and be able to convert that audience to become your readers. So that you can retarget them later. You can use a tool like SimilarWeb to get an approximate amount of traffic the platform receives per month and compare that with the amount of comments they get on their articles. This can help you determine their engagement rate. Metrics you should be focusing on here are: Mentions and click-through rates.


One of the best guest blogging articles I have ever read was by Bushra Azhar on Copyhackers. The article introduced me to her, which later led me to purchase one of her products. Once you get approved to guest blog on this particular site, what will make you stand apart from all the other guest bloggers who have already been on this site? Will it be the use of infographics or tips with demonstrated examples? Will it be the use of animated graphics or step by step video guides? Your point of differentiation is what is going to distinguish you from all the other guest bloggers on the platform. And here is a general tip: If everyone else uses listicles with image examples, make yours with animated graphics or video guides. When they zig you zag. Always remember, you are trying to sell the readers of this particular platform to your content, your products and services. To you. And you cannot do that, if you present yourself like everyone else.


A word of wisdom most people will share with you when you start guest blogging is to look for the domain authority for your website and that of the website you would like to guest blog on. To be on the safe side, you should pitch on websites that a difference of ten to twenty points. So if you have a domain authority of twenty, you should pitch on websites that have a domain authority of thirty to forty. Scrap that If you are going to spend the same amount of time to create quality engaging and valuable content. Then you should not limit yourself on what platform you are going to pitch. Whether you have a domain authority of 0 and the site you want to guest post on has a DA of 70. Don’t let that intimidate. Pitch them. If your article is great, they will definitely publish it. And in the name of building a reputation through association; you are better off associated with a site majority a familiar with. Now, you need to remember; with some of these highly reputable sites, they will offer you a no follow link. This is where you need to ask yourself if the link back is more important to you than the association.

Note: Some sites will offer you a do follow link in the beginning and probably after six or so months change the link to no follow.


What are the rules and guidelines for guest blogging on the website? Like it or not, this is not your platform. And just as you don’t drive next to the guard rails while driving; you should not take this opportunity for granted.

What is the one thing you wish you knew before you started accepting guest posts? The MediaDigi network has more than 15 digital properties and on most of them, we accept guest posts from contributors. Till date, we published more than 500 guests posts and I can tell everyone this is not easy stuff. When we started to accept guest posts we thought this is a great way to get quality content for our readers that will expand the knowledge and the experience of our in-house staff. While we received some great articles there is also a lot of poor content we have to deal with. Here is a list of things people that want to guest post do it completely wrong: 1. Not reading the writing guidelines Each website has its own guidelines and requirements for publication (the language used, tone, formatting, number of words etc). We receive tons of generic requests from users that is obviously they haven’t read the guidelines before applying 2. No info about previously written articles or contact details We receive a lot of generic requests from email addresses used only to do mass outreach, without any picture of the writer, social media profiles and previously published articles. We publish only articles from real people. 3. Sending articles with no real value For the sake of getting a backlink on our site, most of the applicants send us articles that are not unique, have a totally different topic or written in a very poor or basic English. These articles do not bring much value to the readers so we have to decline them. If I would know this before accepting guest posts I would create a screening process for the people that send guest posts. We created Outreach. buzz tool which besides over 3500 manually curated sites available for guest posting has a ton of guides and tutorials on how to successfully guest post on quality websites. Daniel Stanica

Wrap Up

Guest blogging is still an amazing strategy to use as a new blogger. It is a free content marketing strategy that allows you to penetrate audiences that you currently don’t have. Audiences that would have taken you much longer to attain or cost you hard cash. And just as much as it is a great opportunity, you need to only select the opportunities that will fit your objectives. Have you ever guest posted before? What was the key lesson you learnt from it? And if you haven’t, why? Let me know in the comments below.