7 ways to grow your Twitter followers organically without spending a dime on an automation tool

How many followers do you have on Twitter? One hundred? A thousand? Tens of thousands? How about a couple of millions? What if I could tell you, you could easily grow your Twitter followers organically by the hundreds each month.

The strategy best works for someone who is just starting to grow their Twitter account or someone who has stagnated on the hundreds for sometime and they would like to push past it.

This is without using a single automation tool. Guaranteed, those do help a great deal. But if you do not have the funds for it, you need to find a different way to grow your following.

how to get more followers on twitter organically

The more followers you have, the more impressions you get.

The more targeted followers you have, the more click through rates and conversion rates you get. Yes, it is that simple.

And for this article, I will share with you how you can grow your Twitter following by a couple hundreds each month.

Not just any following, but targeted followers.

How to organically grow your Twitter followers organically by the hundred each month

If I got a penny for every person that has retorted “Twitter is dead”; I would be cruising in a Maserati in a lone island in the Pacific Ocean.

Twitter is the one platform you can grow a target quality audience for your blog for half the amount of time you would on any other social media platform.

The tips I am going to share with you work best if your blog is focused on one niche or industry.

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Tip 1 – Use keywords in your bio

Just because you are not using an automation tool, doesn’t mean you cannot leverage from people doing so.

One of the key ways people choose whom to follow is by using hashtags in their bio. Which pretty much assumes, that anyone using that hashtag on their bio is not only interested in that particular field but also shares about that particular topic.

The key here is to choose wisely. For example, if you focus more on conversion rate optimization or even social media marketing; you will notice those are too many letters and could use up all your bio space even before you properly introduce yourself.

What you can do is pick the acronym. #CRO #SMM

Did you notice the difference between the two subjects? I bet you didn’t. Let’s look at it in more detail. If you were to break down social media marketing, you would get:

  • Twitter marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Facebook ads etc

Now let us break down conversion rate optimization. Hmmm… Keep thinking. Oh yeah!! There is… No. That would actually be in content marketing. Yes, I got it.

  • Click through rate
  • Impressions and reach

What I am trying to point out here, do not be too specific in your keyword of choice. So for CRO, you could simply pick growth hacking. This is a keyword that many will think of while targeting whom to follow.

Remember, most people who use this strategy will follow to unfollow later. So be keen on who you follow back. Follow people whose feeds you want to see on your timeline.

Some people follow to unfollow those who do not follow back in five days. And others maintain the strategy by unfollowing those who followed them back in thirty days. Others unfollow those who have not been active in thirty days on Twitter.


And there is no way to tell. So do not get frustrated others are following you to unfollow later. Just stay focused on following back the people whose feeds you would like to see.

And take this tip with you for every follow you get. Either on Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, Snapchat or Instagram.

Tip 2 – Spread your tweets throughout the day

The people who tweet at least a hundred times a day, increase their reach and thus more people can see what they are about and choose to follow them or not.

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I know what you are thinking… Who has the time to make one hundred organic tweets each day? Nobody. Unless that is all they do. You have got to worry about lunch for the kids, Facebook ads, editing pictures and the list goes on.

Well, just because you don’t have the time, does not mean you spruce your tweets all at once. You need to spread them out through the day.

So you can create two, two-minute breaks in your daily schedule to jump on Twitter and share one of your articles or lead magnets or landing pages or even polls. Whatever your heart desires.

Make sure your tweet contains two or so relevant hashtags (yes, some automation tools follow people who tweet with certain hashtags). If you had mentioned someone in the article, tweet them.

A little trick, rather than just posting the tweet on your feed and waiting for the hit or miss interaction. Tweet right back at people who have tweeted something similar.

For example, your article is about best budget friendly Christmas destinations for the entire family and the dog too. Search on Twitter for Christmas destinations. Anyone who has tweeted a link, simply reply to it.

You can say;

“I noticed you shared an article about Christmas destinations, I just wrote a similar article geared to be budget friendly. Would you like to see it?” 

Once they respond, then share your tweet link. You can tweet back later to ask what they thought about it.

This is to avoid being spammy Sammy. No one likes spammers.

And in the next couple of tips I am going to show you how you can do just that.

Tip 3 – Participate in relevant chats

Each industry has their own geared Twitter chats. No, these are not the trending topics you see. Though sometimes, these chats can actually trend. Depending with the number of people participating in them.

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In Twitter chats, is where you will meet targeted followers. And also interact with people sharing the same passion and/or goal with you.

Be consistent in showing up. Most of these chats happen weekly and for one hour. Also, people who participate tend to overlap. So today you may be participating in #shouterschat (Saturday) and on Wednesday you will be participating in #bufferchat or #semrushchat.


I am sure you can take two hours off every week to simply show up and be seen and be heard.

I know what you are thinking, why not start my own Twitter chat…

You totally can start your own Twitter chat. Nothing should hold you back.

The success of it is what will be questionable. Especially if you are a total noob and nobody knows of your existance on Twitter and you are not a recognized influencer, then your Twitter chat will most definitely flop.

Tip 4 – Respond to tweets that relate to your industry

Create three five minute bursts in a day where you will go to Twitter and search for questions people are asking within your field and respond.

Pick times that may be buzzing. To get to answer much quicker before someone who is using a notification tool like IFTTT beats you to it.

Also, it does not matter if someone else has already responded. If you resonate with what they have said, retweet the tweet and you can add a reply as well. So do not let that stop you.

The goal here is to become familiar on people’s timelines. And when someone else is looking for a similar answer, they will find yours and probably click back to your profile to see what you are about. Which might eventually lead to a follow or click back to your own site.

Tip 5 – Use relevant hashtags for your tweets

I had already mentioned this earlier, but I want to go a little bit in depth about it. And how you can structure your articles to cater for different hashtags.

Normally, before I start to draft any article, I do my keyword research. The next thing I do is come up with a strategy on how I will promote the article on social.

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No way will I post it just once and consider my work there is done. People respond to different exposures. Others.. No. Actually, most people need repetition.


So for Twitter, I will come up with five to seven different tweets I can promote the article with.

I will have a stat tweet. A listicle. A how to. A quote. The article title. A surprise/curiosity tweet. I will structure the tweet even before I write the article.

This will make sure I put in that bit of the tweet in the article. For each tweet, I like to have two to three relevant hashtags. The hashtags may overlap. I try not to do so.

Remember in the first tip how I told you not to be so narrow in your industry, well, here I would like you not to be so broad in your keywords.

Reason being, you have plenty of tweets to go around.

Once you do this exercise, when the time to post your tweet arrives, all you have to do is copy and paste.

That makes it a two minute exercise rather than a fifteen to thirty minute side-track. And then becomes something you hate to do.

You also won’t appear spammy like you are sharing the same thing over and over again. Similar to what I did back when I started. You make mistakes, you know better.

Tip 6 – Join Twitter lists

If you have followed every single tip I have shared upto this moment, you will start getting added to relevant Twitter lists.

Twitter lists make it easy for you to interact and converse with other tweeps who share the same passion as you. In fact, today, I hardly ever check my Tweet feed. I normally go straight to my notifications. Once I am done replying to mentions and thanking people who share my articles, I jump to Twitter lists.

Here I engage with other fellow tweeps. I interact and retweet most of them as well.

This takes me around five minutes as well. Quick and easy. I have four slots for replying to mentions and engaging with other bloggers Monday through Friday.

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You can also create your own Twitter lists. You can either have them public or private.

Private lists only you can access them. People you add on the list will not be notified they were added on the list.

With public lists, if you add someone on the list, then they will be notified about it.

You can have as many lists as you would like.

Private lists only you can access them. People you add on the list will not be notified they were added on the list. With public lists, if you add someone on the list, then they will be notified

People who interact with you. People who participate in the same Twitter chats as you. People who you would like to partner or work with in future. People who are tweeting about one particular topic.

However you want to separate them, that is up to you.

Tip 7 – Participate in relevant events

The final way you can easily increase the number of followers you have on Twitter organically is by participating on Twitter from physical or online events you attend.

For example, if you take part in a conference, participate in the conference hashtag.

Use pictures, videos so as to easily stand out from everyone else. Other people who wanted to attend the event or conference but could not manage will be inclined to follow you for updates.

And those who attended will follow you as well because they will see someone they can easily relate to. After all, great minds think alike


Now that you have a rough idea on how you can grow your quality followers organically, you need to understand a few things.

One, nothing comes easy.

This is probably a six months journey. The duration of it, is totally dependent on how consistent you will be.

And as with everything, the more consistent you are, the more you increase the momentum and eventually you will be getting a hundred followers every week and finally hundreds by the day and even by the hour.

Would love to hear from you. How did you grow your Twitter followers organically? Comment below and find me on Twitter on @aublogging