Google Webmaster Tools: The how and the why to enable them on your website

Google Webmaster Tools which is now referred to as Google Search Console is one of the most ignored yet drastically important elements of blogging.


It is with Google webmaster tools that you will get to see if your blogging and/or content marketing efforts are working or not.

Just like Google analytics, it is freemium service offered by Google with multiple tools that will help you track your blogging growth and how you are generally ranking on Google.

Simply put, the search console allows you to notify Google about your website or app, assists you in noticing what errors Google is encountering while trying to rank you and finally helps you track your site performance.

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how to google search console wordpress

I use Google search console for two main reasons:

  • Re-optimize content I have already created so as to improve my ranking on Google
  • Come up with new content using keywords that I am already ranking for. A little explanation here… Once you install Google you may notice you are ranking for a keyword but your position is not that great. So to fix that, I will create new content for that particular keyword people are searching for.

Enabling Google Webmaster Tools

First you will need to visit the Google webmaster tools page. If you are not logged in Google will prompt you to log in.

sign in to google

Once you log in to your account, you will get to this page.

google webmaster tools

Now, if you have an app, all you have to do is click on “Website” and choose “Android app”

For the sake of this guide, I will walk you through enabling your website.

Now go to your main homepage URL, copy it and paste it here.

You will notice something… Your website may be or and those are considered as two separate properties on Google webmaster tools.

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verify search console

The recommended method from Google is also my recommended method.

To do this, you will need access to your cpanel login credentials. Then using the HTML file you have downloaded you upload it directly to the root folder of your website.

This is how you do it.

The cpanel here may look different from yours but the functions are all the same.

So first, log in to your cpanel.

You will get your dashboard looking like this or different.

login to cpanel

On the search box, type in “file manager”

8 file manager

Click on File Manager.

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upload file cpanel

Within cpanel, at the top you will find the upload button. Click on it and locate the HTML file from Google Webmaster tools that you just downloaded.

Once you upload the file, save.

Go back to google and click on step 3 to see if your upload was successful.

Once notified that it was successful, click on verify. Of course, you must confirm that you are not a robot.

And as Google says, to stay verified… Don’t ever touch that file again. I recommend this method simply because of this. You do it once and forget about it.

The alternate methods are:

alternate google search console

Choose the method you prefer and follow the directions offered by Google.

Now the second best option is using the HTML tag. Click on it, copy the code you get and paste it into the header tag of your theme. If you are using WordPress, this will be found as an option in your theme options. Save on your website and verify on Google Webmaster tools.

The thing I have against these options is they are not beginner friendly. You may make a mistake and as a beginner you will get frustrated not knowing where exactly you made the mistake.

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Now for the second best option “HTML tag” I don’t like it simply because it is easily accessible to anyone who access your back-end on your blog.

This may lead to it being tampered. And deleting a single phrase or word will render the whole thing invalid.

So why not just stick to the simpler option?

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