Getstencil Review: Create stunning social media graphics and share them in 2 minutes or less

This Getstencil Review was actually motivated by their current update.

I consider Getstencil my best investment from Appsumo. Don’t know what that is?

Well, Appsumo is a site that curates great deals for small business owners. You get deals ranging from social media tools to WordPress themes and editors such as Promorepublic.


Now what is so special about this current update that got me to pen down a Getstencil review?

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The Getstencil team lead by Adam have introduced over 1800 fonts to their library and wait for it….

*drum rolls*

The option to import your custom fonts.

This may not sound like a big deal, but once I am done with the story of how they revolutionized their journey from “Share as Image” to “Getstencil” you will be a believer.

When I first purchased Getstencil then Share as Image, I was widely disappointed. It had so many bugs and the team didn’t seem interested in updating it. Or so I thought

Well, in my opinion. So I never used it as much. But I did see the vision of what a great tool it could be.

So, I never bothered with asking for a refund from Appsumo. This is actually something you would love about Appsumo, they have a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. So if you ever purchase any product and you are not satisfied in 59 days. Simply send an email and they will refund you every single penny.

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It should be obvious that I my itsy bitsy heart gets excited quite easily by now.

Anyway, Adam from Getstencil mentioned a change to their platform. I probably waited for a year for that to happen. It may have been shorter but it felt like ages before I experienced the magnificence that is Getstencil today.

Getstencil Review

The first thing you should do is try it out for FREE. See if it is something you would like.

getstencil free

Of course the free version has some limitations. But it is enough to whet your appetite.

getstencil dashboard

Once you create your account and log in, your dashboard will look like the above.

Yes, if it weren’t for Getstencil, my articles would be having less images. Apart from reviews like these which require screen grabs.

So on the left hand side you have

  • Background
  • Icons and graphics
  • Templates
  • Quotes
  • Logos/watermarks
  • Saved images

Backgrounds & Icons and graphics

Here you dictate what image will your post have. You can search from their database of free stock photos or upload your own.

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Once you click on an image of your choice it will populate itself on the right hand panel.

Icons and graphics works the same as backgrounds. You will find a wide range of icons you can use for any season. Say you picked a textured background and you would like to add a few shapes and icons to make it pop. This is where you will go.

Honestly, there is a lot you can do with the shapes and icons provided here. Your limitation is your imagination.

Templates & Quotes

The Getstencil team went ahead and made the work easier for you by introducing already done for you templates and a couple of quotes. More than a couple of quotes. You can find a quote to trigger whatever emotion to your audience here.

getstencil quotes

The same as backgrounds and icons, whatever template or quote you pick on on the left hand panel it will populate itself on the right hand panel.

That’s why I mentioned you can create high quality social media graphics in 2 minutes or less.

But I am yet to get the sweet spot that is Getstencil. The reason as to why I use it every darn day. (is that a cuss word)?

Logos and watermarks

This right here is a timesaver.

Once you upload your logos and watermarks you will never have to think of them again. In fact if you turn it on, every image you load on the right hand side will always have the logo or watermark displayed.

You may have to tweak the size or display section (transparency, where exactly will it lie on the image) but that is about it.

On the right hand panel is where all the remaining magic happens.

right hand panel getstencil dashboard

Create new image

Clicking on the first icon, enables you to start creating an image from scratch.

New slate.

You will get a blank white canvas to start with.

You can now pick a template on the left hand side or create your own image.

Add Text

add text getstencil

I decided to go with one of the templates provided. To showcase their wide variety.

Once you click on add text icon (the second from the top on the right hand side) the night blue mini dashboard will pop-up.

Here you can specify your font (remember I mentioned they now have a wide range of font selections and you can upload your custom fonts as well), Add a drop shadow (don’t go too crazy).

You can also change the position and color. If you like it, you can create a similar copy by cloning it or delete if you do not like it.

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Resize Canvas

Next (third icon on your right hand panel), you can resize the graphic to suit where you want to post it.

resize canvas getstencil

There are already pre-defined settings for recommended sizes for different social media platforms.

If you like neither, you can set your custom sizes.

Facebook Ad Grid

I have never used this feature before. Since I don’t like my Facebook ads with any overlay texts at all. And the rare chances I do. I create the graphics in Photoshop.

But I will be testing it out in the near future.

facebook ad grid getstencil

It just helps you understand and see if you are following Facebook’s 20% rule.

What you do, you count how many grids does your text show up in and see if it will march Facebook’s guidelines.

If it doesn’t you can change it before your ad starts getting penalized.

NOTE: Facebook will accept your ad but it will have a smaller reach the more overlay text you have.

Delete and Save and Download

Well if it is not obvious, clicking on the trash can icon will delete everything you just did.

save as template getstencil

You can save your graphic as a future template so as you never have to start it from scratch again.

download getstencil

You can even download your image. Simply give it a name you will remember, set the format and the dimensions and finally click on Start Download.

At this point, I get my only drawback to the tool. I wish I had the option to save for web. But I do understand the tool was designed for social. So I can’t really complain.

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Preview and Share

If you would like to share it immediately instead, simply click on Share and preview

preview and share getstencil

You can connect as many accounts as you possibly like for Twitter and Facebook (Where you are an admin).

As for Instagram you only need to share your number to get a message sent to you so you can post on Instagram.

And at the moment, Getstencil only integrates with Buffer.

You can view how the image will look on both mobile and desktop. I find the mobile view to be a time-saver as well.

Add a few descriptions and simply post directly to Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest.

For Pinterest remember to define where the graphic URL should point to. Not a must.

But my own recommendation.

Here is why I looooooooove Getstencil so much

At the moment I am perusing through their blog. I liked it. And I would like to share it on social media.

Step One

I highlight what I like so much about the article and would like to bring attention to.

highlight a section getstencil

Step Two

I click on the Chrome Getstencil extension.

chrome getstencil extension

Yes, they have an extension to make all the above easier. Same dashboard as you log in directly via URL.

And it pops with my quote already populated. At this point it uses the default settings that I can change and tweak in less than 10 seconds.

getstencil application pop

Using the same techniques to work the right and left panel, I came up with following image.

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Step Three

getstencil share feature

Once done and I am satisfied with the fruits of my work I close the application and I haven’t missed a bit of my article.

tweet getstencil

Why is this so important?

Attention grabbing is the key to the internet.

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You can share influencers quotes and click to tweets as much as you like but how many of them are actually taking noticing of it? Yeah, they do appreciate it you spreading the word. But you do not stand out.

But when you spend 37 seconds (yes I counted while creating this picture to share) to create a stunning graphic, adding a link to the article and mentioning them, you get them to notice you.

Do this 5 times or more and they will definitely know who you are and be willing to pass any favors.

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Do this and comment on their blog as well, you are on your way to be a guest blogger on an influential blog. If you play your cards right.

What do you think about this getstecil review? Does it entice you to at least try out Getstencil?