The ultimate guide to configure Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

Facebook instant articles for WordPress was introduced to better the experience for users accessing articles while on Facebook.

Previously, (even today for publishers who haven’t enabled Facebook Instant articles) articles would load on Facebook browser. Dependent on your site load, you would either lose or gain views on your site. And most certainly it was more of the former than the latter.

So when Facebook introduced Instant Articles they wanted to leverage how consumers behave and keep them on their platform for longer. Why are publishers (and you also) enabling Facebook instant articles?

Because they are interested in driving more traffic to their websites from Facebook. Also, *drum-rolls* it is a means of making money.

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facebook instant articles for wordpress startupskenya

The way users consume data has changed immensely over the past couple of years.

Once Google revealed that consumers are now accessing information more on mobile than on any other platform. This led to Google coming up with AMP, Apple with Apple News and Facebook with Instant Articles.

So how can you implement Facebook Instant Articles for your blog?

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Facebook Instant Articles WordPress

I am sure most of you have already experienced Instant Articles. As the 60 second video display below, top publishers such as New York Times have enabled it for their articles.

If you see any article with a lighting bolt symbol on the top right corner, then you should know that is an instant article.

facebook instant articles icon

Initially, Facebook instant articles was only available to big media publishers. This was before Facebook enabled it for all platforms in February 2016.

facebook instant articles sign up startupskenya

Step One

You will first be required to login to your Facebook profile. If you have more than one account, login to the one you are an admin to the page you would like to activate instant articles on.

Next, you will visit the Instant Articles page.

Click on sign up once on that page.

Step Two

This will lead you to a page showcasing all your Facebook pages.

enable instant articles wordpress startupskenya

Select the page you would like to enable for Facebook Instant Articles.

Agree to the terms.

accept facebook instant articles startupskenya

Then click on “Access Instant Articles Tools”

Step Three

Once that is done, you need to do the initial set-up for Instant Articles on your page. You can do this by visiting your page Publishing Tools –> Instant Articles

instant articles facebook dashboard startupskenya

The most important step for now is “Connect your site”

Step Four

You can either use their API to set-up Instant Articles or simply submit your feed.

First off, you need to claim your URL.

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You do this by picking the meta data offered by Facebook and adding it to your head tag.

Once you have claimed your URL you should see a success message as shown below.

claim URL instant articles startupskenya

Next up you need to add a feed for Instant Articles.

Step Five

Visit the WordPress repository plugin and search for the official plugin by Facebook for Instant Articles for WordPress.

instant articles for wp startupskenya

Install and activate the plugin on your blog.

The minute you activate the plugin, a new feed will be created by the plugin for Instant Articles.

The default set-up would be


Head back to your Facebook page and copy paste that URL to the “Production RSS Feed”

rss production feed startupskenya

Definitely click on Save

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Enable Facebook Instant Articles Plugin

Head to the Facebook apps page.

Then click on add a new app

add a new app startupskenya

Choose a desired name (Display name) and input email address and choose appropriate category then click “Create App ID”

On the next page add your website URL. (apologies, I forgot to take a screenshot at this stage while setting up).

Click next and you will come across your App ID and App Secret.

Head over to the Facebook Instant Articles plugin and key in the App ID and App Secret.

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app id and app secret facebook instant articles

Next, you will be required to log in to your Facebook account

login to facebook instant articles

Make sure you are using the same account you used for App Id and App Secret.

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Otherwise you will receive the following error

app error instant articles

You will also receive this error if you don’t set your app to live. So don’t forget to do that.

Connect the page

facebook instant articles wordpress

If you choose a page you have not configured yet you will get the following message

facebook instant article failure

Next you will click on the Customize button.

Here you will design your instant article page. Every setting you place on the right hand side, you will view it on the left hand panel.

design your page instant articles startupskenya

Once done click on Next.

Here you will submit your articles for review by Facebook.

Instead of writing new articles to review. Head over to your posts and open already published articles.

Scroll until you find the Facebook Instant Articles tab.

Update all articles whose Facebook Instant Articles looks like below.

your article was submitted to instant articles successfully

If it has any warnings, don’t update it and find the next article.

This will hasten your approval process.

Once approved you will see the update in the Facebook plugin.

facebook instant articles enabled

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