3 Facebook groups you didn’t know about that will get you closer to Facebook developers

To be an ardent Facebook developer you need to meet and interact with other Facebook developers. Since that is a rare skills to find, you need to find communities where Facebook developers hang out.

Now, we already know you spend at least 10 minutes daily gawking at your Facebook screen. So why not gawk at things that will add to your knowledge base rather than wasting precious brain cells on brown muddy chatter.

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One of the most growing skills required today is that of ASDK (AsyncDisplayKit) knowledge. This knowledge is required to utilize and create Facebook apps for your own platform.

facebook developers facebook groups

It ranges from “Sign in using Facebook” (mostly termed as social login) to integrating your app with Facebook. As a developer, sometimes you come across bugs or even blocks that you are not able to conquer all by yourself.

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That is why you need to be a member of the these Facebook groups to meet other Facebook developers.

The thing about all these social media platforms, it is really hard to get to some assistance. You probably have to search online for days trying to find your solution.

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And the bigger the platform, the longer it takes to get some help. So instead of placing your app on stand-hold as you wait for Facebook support to reach back to you (they have a 30 day waiting period), why not see if some of these developers can assist you.

Instant Articles Engineering Community

Now known as AsyncDisplayKit Engineering Community. This is a public group. If you do not know what that means… Well, you can see everything that is going on in the group. But to participate you have to be a member


Scott Goodson Instant Articles

Facebook Developer Community

With over 60,000 thousand members, you are guaranteed to find someone answer your question quite fast. As mentioned in this post, you need to read and understand the rules for specific Facebook groups.

facebook developer community

To avoid getting booted from the group, remember to search and see if your question has been answered before. Also, it takes a short time to search the links provided with the Facebook developers. Reason? They spent some time to answer frequently asked questions.

Facebook Marketing Developers

This is actually not a Facebook group.

I did not know that, until I checked today.

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I am a huge fan of this page. It is a geek fest, if you ask me. If you would like to stay up to date with what is going on Facebook then you should follow this page.

If you would like to “forecast” what is going to happen in Facebook in the future, attend their webinars.

What Facebook developer groups are you a member of and would suggest for me to look at?