5 Facebook groups for Facebook ad mastery

Facebook ad mastery goes beyond trial and error. Past creating your own ads and reading on Facebook ad creation, their is the advantage of being part of a community. A community of like minded people.

And if that doesn’t entice you, remember, Facebook rolls out features slowly to different users. How about being among the first to hear of a new Facebook feature before it is rolled out in your region.

facebook ad mastery pinterest

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Can you recall when you started using Facebook ads? I am not speaking of boosting or Facebook page likes. I am speaking of visiting Facebook ad manager and using the Power editor (or not). Quite daunting.

If you have never, don’t fret.

Facebook advertising can be a bit taxing, but once you get the flow of it, you will always be excited to test and tweak your ads.

So whether you are a small business owner or you answer to a board in your company, you now realize, if you are doing any form of marketing on Facebook, you need some form of Facebook ad mastery.

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Facebook Ad Mastery

I would highly suggest you join the first four groups I mention on this list. The other two are just but a suggestion but have nothing to do with Facebook ad mastery

Facebook AD Buyer

This is a group by Tim Burd.

facebook ad buyers

Facebook ad buyers is a highly engaged community of over 18,000 members. Members in community share articles they have found helpful on Facebook ads.

Apart from that, they share their own experiences. And lessons they have learnt from each experience. Some of the lessons are from mistakes and others from successful campaigns.

This is a community that welcomes both beginners and advanced people alike. So bring your stupid questions (anything that can be resolved with a simple Google search maybe ignored.)

The file section is also packed with a lot of value.

Facebook ad group

This is a community by Ben Malol.

facebook ad group

From the get go, what I like about this group is the group admin is front and centre. Not that he will troll your timeline night and day. No.

But if you would like to be known as a subject matter expert in your field. You need to get your face in front of people as many times as possible.

Such that they will remember you every time they come across a pain point you can resolve.

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He is the only admin to this group of over 20,000 members.

And just as the Facebook ad buyers group, Ben allows all sorts of discussions in the group pertaining to Facebook ads.

Facebook ad Hacks

I personally think this group has a couple of stumbling blocks to get over.

facebook ad hacks

That said the group admins share very insightful tips and tricks on Facebook ads that you would not want to miss out on.

Facebook Marketing Mastery

This group is led by Nicholas Kusmich.

fb marketing mastery

Who is the group for? Well, I will let Nicholas answer that question for you.

fb marketing group description

He also went ahead and told you who he is.

Once you become a member of this 19K+ community, the first thing you should do is read/watch the pinned post. But for a rough idea of the community rules…

The next two groups are not necessarily focused on Facebook ads but I thought they would be an added advantage to be a member of.

Facebook developer community

facebook developers community

With over 60,000 members, Facebook developers community is designed to bring together all developers who integrate their apps or website with Facebook.

Here they can report a bug or request assistance from other users.

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Facebook group admins

Facebook group admins

While requesting to be a member of Facebook Group Admins, you will notice a new feature that was recently introduced to Facebook late 2016.

Once you request to be a member of a Facebook group, you are requested to fill a form that will determine whether you will be accepted to join the group or not.

You may be thinking… This will create a barrier to entry.

I agree, but I love it.

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Reason? As a group moderator or admin you will be able to harness a well targeted community rather than just every Tom, Dick & Mwangi.

That said, if you own a Facebook group, you should join this group. So as you can chime in to the growth of Facebook groups in general by suggesting features that will be great to be added. Yes, the group is managed by Facebook developers.

If you have no understanding whatsoever about Facebook ads.

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Here is a brief Facebook ad mastery ebook.

This ebook will give you a basic understanding on how to get started with Facebook ads.
Once you are done, download this guide on Facebook ad targeting.


By now you understand the importance of being part of important communities. Communities that will help you grow and support you along the way.
For Facebook ad mastery, those groups are:
  • Facebook marketing mastery
  • Facebook ad buyer
  • Facebook ad group
  • Facebook ad hacks

What other Facebook ad related groups are you a part of that I could add to this list?