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Blogging Content Strategy in 24

Blogging Content Strategy in 24 is a single session of one-on-one in-depth look of your website and your website objectives that will enable you eliminate blogging overwhelm and writers block so that you can educate and entertain your readers and turn them into fans and loyal customers

Don’t Do Everything Yourself

Does this sound familiar?

You have committed to publishing one article every Wednesday at 1PM

It is Wednesday morning and you are busy staring at your screen experiencing another writer’s block. You are now frantic. Scrambling one line after the other trying to piece together at least something that makes sense.

It is now 2 hours before 1PM. You are weighing out two options. One, don’t publish anything for today and come up with a lame excuse to share with your readers. After all, you really don’t see why you put in so much effort with no tangible results. Or two, piece together an idea scattered 300 word article with a couple of images and call it a day.

You and I both know the results of both options are the same. Nothing or the mere lacklustre results that don’t pass the test of time.

It does not have to be this way. And that’s where Blogging Content Strategy in 24 comes in. Together we can create a blogging content calendar with your readers in mind. That will not only educate and entertain them but also turn them into fans and potential customers and clients

What You Get

  • A 15 minute one-on-one online session so that we can get clarity on your ideal buyer and create your value proposition that sets you apart from your competitors
  • A list of current articles on your website that you need to revise or delete so that you can leverage free organic traffic
  • A checklist on what you need to do before and after hitting publish on an article
  • 12 well researched article ideas that will speak directly to your ideal buyers and spark the growth of a fan base
  • A daily schedule on what you should do on your blog to avoid the overwhelm that comes with on-the-fly content creation


  • 1 live call to access your goals
  • 3 PDFs that you can print and use every monthly
  • 1 Spreadsheet that you can sync with your calendar with what you can do every day
  • 1 recorded video on how you can maximize the tools given to make them work for you each and every time

$97.00 / session

Who is this most suited for?

This is for the small business owner and/or blogger whose website is self-hosted. Self-hosted meaning, your current website is not living on someone else’s server rather you have all the rights to site.

For example, it is and not www.desiredname.wordpress/tumblr/

How do I make a payment

As of now all payments are done via PayPal only. 

Once you click the “Start Now” button, a new tab will open with the “Blogging Content Strategy in 24” product already added to your cart. You can now log in and authorize the payment.

What happens next

Once I receive and confirm your payment, I will send you an email with three timeslots you can choose from so as to get started right away on narrowing down on your ideal buyer and what differentiates your site from the rest that are in the market. After understanding your ideal buyer and coming up with your value proposition, I will make a rundown of everything you have published on your site. Categorizing them based on their current performance and if it ties down to what you are promising your readers.

Then I do an in-depth research to come up with 12 article ideas that your ideal buyer will be looking out for and how you can solve that issue for them

Finally, I will create a daily schedule that will help you minimize on blogging overwhelm

When do I get

All this is delivered withing 24 hours from the moment you make your purchase and the payment is confirmed during the weekday. Monday – Thursday.

Any payments done on Friday or the weekend will be delivered on Monday the following week.

Make sure you clear your schedule to slot in our 15 minute live call as early as can be.


Refund Policy

This service is non-refundable.

Why didn’t I find you 2 months ago before I did some crazy purchases of things I don’t know how to use? These past week working with you has been the best use of money and my time.

Rosemary Otieno

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