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During the F8 conference this year, Facebook introduced new tools for publishers. The biggest buzz was definitely the Instant Articles feature. At the same conference there were three must have Facebook tools for publishers mentioned. Of course there were more than three tools introduced, but these are the one’s I would highly recommend for you to implement on your blog.

How many plugins are you currently using?

Well, that was kinda out there… How many plugins are you using for Facebook social sharing? Do you remember when you kept trying one plugin after the other to try and implement Facebook comments or Facebook sharing? You would get one plugin that worked well for one purpose but not so good for the other job.

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Those plugins would be:

  • Save Button
  • Send Button
  • Quote Plugin

Now before you rush out to start googling these tools, you need to realize implementing them is only adding one line of code either in the header or body of your website.

And I will show you how to do that.

Facebook for Developers

Before adding any of these codes to your websites you need to create a Facebook app for the site you want to implement these plugins on. Once done, you you should see the screen below.

facebook social plugins

From the left panel you can see a variety of Facebook social plugins. You can implement any you would like but I will take you through creating the save button, send button and quote plugin.

facebook javascript sdk

Before implementing any of Facebook’s plugins, you will be required to add the Facebook SDK. It looks like the screenshot above. The app ID is unique to each app you create using your Facebook account. Place the code on the opening <body> tag.

So if you have like ten different websites, for each website have a different app ID.

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Save Button

The “Save Button” implements the “Save” function you have while on Facebook.

It will allow you to save items, pages, posts or services on your private list on Facebook.

Simply add this code to where you would like the save button to appear. I have implemented that on every post on this blog. Right before a post and at the end of the post.

<div class=”fb-save” data-uri=”” data-size=”large”></div>

save to Facebook

To have the same effect, add the above code at the top of your post body.

Send Button

The “Send Button” allows you to send any page to your friends via Messenger. Simple as that. You know how you can find juicy content and would like to share it with some of your friends, you can now do it directly from the blog.

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send button

And you can add the “Send Button” on any page by simply adding this code to that page.

<div class=”fb-send” data-href=””></div>

Quote Plugin

The quote plugin lets people select text on your page and add it to their share, so they can tell a more expressive story.

Simply select any part of this text and see it in action.

Look at how rad you are.

Now go ahead and share this with your friends in 3.. 2..


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