How to be an Amazon Affiliate Associate

Yesterday I mentioned I am going to start an affiliate marketing blog.I also mentioned the top affiliate marketing program today is the Amazon Affiliate Program.

The amazon affiliate associate is the most common affiliate marketing program you can join today. It works for whatever niche you decide to work in.

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Apart from it working with all niches, its popularity means you can get a lot of assistance from various communities. You can find Facebook and LinkedIN groups and Slack communities to join in relation to Amazon associate program.

Now that you know that, how do you sign up?

Amazon requires certain requirements before you start signing up for its affiliate program.

  • You need a legit physical address.
  • You need an already registered website.
  • Your website should be catered to people from 13 and older.
  • You need a phone number they can reach you on directly.

If you haven’t meant any of the above qualifications, there is no need to start this process, since you will not be able to get approved.

Once that is done, I would recommend you have a clear plan on how to grow your website or affiliate blog. Otherwise, if within six months you have not made any sales on your account, Amazon will deactivate your account. (you can reactivate it later)

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startupskenya welcome dashboard amazon associate program

This is how the default Amazon dashboard looks like once you have signed up.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty.

How to sign up for amazon affiliate associate.

You will first be required to visit Amazon affiliate associate page.

amazon associates dashboard startupskenya

Once there click on “Join Now for Free

sign up for amazon startupskenya

If you already have an amazon account, you will find the “E-mail or mobile number” already populated with the email address you use to login to Amazon. Log-in with your usual password you use on Amazon.

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sign up amazon affiliate startupskenya

Now you can officially start applying for your Amazon account. On October 1st, Amazon applied certain restrictions that limit types of Amazon accounts you can start. Also, certain countries now have limitations.

At this point you need to key the right information Amazon will send your cheques to and to whom the cheques should be written to.

Once that is done, click on “Next

add websites amazon affiliate program startupskenya

At this stage, add the appropriate website/s you will use your affiliate code to promote on.

You can as many websites as you would like.

Once done, click on “Next

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amazon associate id startupskenya


At this stage you can choose your Associate ID.

Hint: Pick an associate ID related to your name or your website.

Once that is done, inform Amazon what your website is all about. Whom it is targeted to and how you are planning to generate traffic for this site.

Once that is done click on “Next“.

identification verification amazon affiliate startupskenya

This is the final step. Input your official number. Make sure you have the phone right next to you.

Wait for Amazon to call. They will offer you a 4-digit PIN. Key it in and click on “Finish

You will later receive an email from Amazon notifying you if you have qualified to be an Amazon Associate.

amazon associate acceptance email startupskenya

If you have, your dashboard will look like this. If you are not accepted (my application was accepted, so I am not sure if they send you why you are not accepted) you can start the re-application process again.

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startupskenya welcome dashboard amazon associate program

Tomorrow, we will discuss how to narrow down to what niche blog you should start.

Have any questions? Comment below or join Online Hacks for Bloggers and ask me directly in the community.