What to consider before starting to accept guest posts

You and I both understand the importance of guest posting:

  • To build brand recognition
  • To increase the number of link-backs

Both of these aid in building brand and domain authority.

But what of accepting guest posts on your own website. What are the benefits of that? And what should one take into consideration?

This was the predicament a client had in the past couple of weeks. Here is how the conversation went

Client: Noni, I want to start accepting guest posts.

Me: Alright. Why do you want to do that?

Client: To feed the giant. LOL. Seriously, it is becoming tedious coming up with fresh content for my readers. And I thought accepting guest posts will help me in ensuring my blog does not start tanking in Google. I haven’t published anything new this entire month and you have seen the numbers have started to decline. I haven’t even updated the articles you recommended.

Me: That sounds nice. Do you have a rough strategy of what you want to accomplish? Apart from having fresh content, might you have any other objectives?

Client: No. That’s why I called you.

guest blogging opportunities

As I was coming up with a strategy for her and some guidelines she should have; I figured this would be a great article for someone already considering accepting guest posts on their website. But not sure on what to do next.


The number one priority in implementing any content marketing strategy is understanding the metrics you would be measuring to monitor if this strategy is successful for you.

And no, feeding the giant does not cut it.

Your objectives include:

  • The increase in traffic to your website. When accepting guest blogging, you expect the guests to share their article in their personal social media platforms and probably blast it to their email list. Your aim is to get your brand recognized by their current audience
  • Leads. How are you going to convert the newfound audience traffic (that you currently had no access to) to sales?

Engagement and Domain Authority

To get quality guest bloggers on your website you need to consider:

How much traffic is your site currently getting? If your site gets around one thousand unique visitors, expect most of the guest posting opportunity inquiries to be from beginner bloggers. If you get around ten thousand unique visitors per month, expect to get both beginners and somewhat established subject matter experts.

Domain authority is a coveted metric among guest bloggers. The unspoken rule most guest bloggers follow; is to pitch to websites that have at least a domain authority difference of ten from theirs.

What is the engagement rate in your comment section? Do you at least get three comments for the last ten articles you have published? And comments that add value to the article rather than “nice posts” type of comments.

To get quality leads, ensure your blog currently meet the following:

  • Ten thousand unique visitors per month
  • You have a domain authority of forty
  • Your articles are getting a bare minimum of ten engaging comments per article
  • You average at least one hundred shares per article published.

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Guidelines to accepting guest posts on your website

Now that we have considered at what stage of your blogging career should you start accepting guest posts; let’s dive into the rules and guidelines you should have in place.

Without stipulating these guidelines, the quality of articles submitted may fall short to the quality of authoritative content you want to be published on your website.

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Sam is a freelance writer. He is paid based on the number of:

  • Articles published
  • Number of backlinks built
  • Number of brand mentions

When Sam hits you up for a guest posting opportunity, he is not focused so much on the quality of content for your readers. But on how much time he needs to spend to create a piece of content to check his objectives.

To make sure Sam does not spam your website; you need to:

Come up with a minimum number of words rule. A good rule of thumb, articles above one thousand words only will be accepted.

A minimum number of natural links guest bloggers can introduce to their article. The links should build on the article rather than simply dumped. One do follow link per website is enough and only three links will be accepted.

Unique content. Articles submitted on your site should be original and cannot be published on any other website. A tool like Copyscape can help you in evaluating if an article is plagiarised.

Submitting an article

Before a guest blogger submits an article for your website, make sure you assess the quality of articles they have already written prior. Whether it is on Medium or their own platforms. A list of three quality recent articles that they have published will save you on the amount of time you will spend afterwards editing their content.

This is also the time you can gauge if their writing prowess is fit with your brand.

A suggestion of three topic ideas they would like to write on. This will indicate if the guest blogger has actually taken the time to audit your site. Has an understanding of the topics you write about.

You can also identify bloggers who simply want to share regurgitated content.


The guest blogger should remain available and active on your website in the next two weeks to answer any queries and engage with readers in the comment section.

The guest blogger should promote the article in all their public social media profiles.

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Once the article has been published, who owns the rights to it?

Will it be you or will it be the author of the article?

Wrap Up

Guest posting should be a win-win situation for both parties. And as the owner of the website, you should make sure the content provided is still top notch. As well as, you are tracking your key metrics.

What are the guidelines you have in place to guest post on your website?

Let me know in the comments below.

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