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Authoritative Blogging

I believe the best time to start your blog was yesterday. And today is a better time than tomorrow.

I believe that anyone should be able to set up and manage their own site without going from forum to forum, tab to tab, one Google search after the other. Your site should not limit your progress, rather it should amplify and elevate your dreams.

I believe theories and concepts are good and they make one feel like they have learnt a lot. But what is important is specific techniques one can leverage and implement in their business for guaranteed results

I believe design and aesthetics should always follow conversions, and not the other way around. Because a stylish and professionally designed website with little to no conversions is like flushing money down the drain. A good website and blog should allow you to put your best foot forward in showcasing your expertise while piquing an interest in your readers brain.

I believe that REAL CHANGE doesn’t happen by dipping your toe in the deep end then lying to yourself that you are at least trying rather it happens when you want it more than you fear it. And want it more than you fear staying where you are right now.

Meet Muthoni

I am Muthoni Wambugu, Kenyan by birth, celebrates what’s unique in people by nature and renowned analyst by choice. I built Authoritative Blogging to be a one stop shop for newbie bloggers who are looking deeper into getting an ROI for the amount of time and money they have spent on their platforms.

After working with several clients in building aesthetically beautiful websites, I realized that as a web developer and designer my work is incomplete when the site does not deliver the objectives of the client. This sent me into a frenzy study of what makes a reader become a buyer and what elements are important to a landing page to make this possible.

Which led me to the realization that a data driven approach is the core foundation in the construction and maintenance of websites.

My promise to you is

To take your projects and treat them as my own. Together we will work in achieving the results that you not only desire but will also prove to be the best move for your business in the long run

To maintain constant, both feet deep dive communication. Whether it is just a comment on the blog or a query follow up after service rendered or the purchase of any course material.

To not serve you cookie cutter courses (though some freshly baked peanut butter cookies are always welcome). Rather they will be in-depth and require you to put in the work to achieve results while making you do just enough and not too much to be overwhelmed.