9 Ways to growth hacking your blog through traffic building

Lately I have been talking so much about blogging. Well, this blog is about teaching you how to blog and doing it the right way. So if you are looking for something else… BOOO!

Great! You are still here.

You have seen me sharing ideas of how easy it is to have a blog to how you can start monetizing your blog.

But one of the main factors I haven’t mentioned is growth hacking your blog.

Growth hacking is simply creating a scalable and sustainable plan for growth and development.

So for your blog, you need something more than an editorial calendar. On this article I will share with you on growth hacking your blog.

One of the metrics you track on your blog is traffic.

growth hacking

The more traffic you have, the more data you have to test if your blog idea, products and programs are working.

It is much different saying your opt-in form converts at 69% with only 100 hits on your blog (remarkable as well) than say 69% with 10,000 hits. You get what I am getting at?

And because this is about growth hacking I am not talking the hit and miss traffic you cross your fingers each month to get. One month you have 100 hits and the next month 12 and the month after that 3000. No.

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I want to show you how you can grow your traffic from 10 hits to 100 hits to 500 hits and doubling your hits one month after the other.

You will notice a major difference on your traffic 6 months from now, if you follow these strategies.

growth hacking strategies

The key to these steps is actually consistency and giving it time. Going the whole haul rather than picking shortcuts.

Growth hacking your blog


Write exceptional and evergreen content

Aim to write or curate content that will be relevant one year, two years down the line. This could range from action steps, how-to guides to lists and resources.

It is one thing to write of the new sports car Avril has purchased; and completely another thing to write about actionable tips from Avril on how to make it in the music industry.

TIP: Lists and resource articles generate more traffic than Why and How-to articles. Above that having odd numbers on the title generate a higher click through rate. That’s why bloggers and writers always have 3, 5, 7, 27, 33 instead of 2, 4, 6. Reason is completely based on psychology. The brain registers even numbers as complete and odd numbers as incomplete. And whenever you feel incomplete, your curiosity level is triggered and you will click through the article for fulfillment.

Don’t write essays

If you remember your time in school, you miss hanging out with your friends, discussions in class but hate writing essays.

Writing of essays is what made school boring and tedious for most people.

Same thing in the corporate world.

Writing essays can make you think you sound highly educated but what you are doing is actually giving people a snooze fest.

Don’t worry, this is something you will struggle with in the beginning. But as you keep practicing and writing your high vocabulary and fancy words will be traded for creating conversations and injecting personality.

Write as if you are writing to a level 5/grade 5/standard 5 student.

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Promote your content

Promotion of your content is crucial to growth hacking your blog.

Yes, you have all the green lights with on-page SEO but you need more than that. Writing of great content is only 20% of the work.

The 80% is all about getting your content in front of people.

provide good content guy kawasaki

This is why it does not really matter if you decide to write everyday or weekly or fortnightly or monthly. If your consistent with your schedule, your blog will do just fine.

Share your article as often as you can.

Make it easier for your viewers to also share your content.

Request them to share, tweet and pin your content.

TIP: Find 100 bloggers who share the same audience as you. So if your blog is for yoga enthusiasts where else will your audience be online? I would assume places like fitness, healthy eating, healthy festivals, diets, paleo, vegetarian et al. List them all, then find bloggers who about it.

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Reach out to the bloggers with a simple e-mail or message sharing your content. You can say “Hello David, this may be relevant to your audience. If you like it please retweet it”

Comment on other blogs

Make time each day to build relationships with the bloggers you enlisted above and many more.

It is easier to ask a blogger to help share your content if you are also engaging with their content.

Simply read as many articles as possible and start commenting.

The beauty about commenting it also helps you in link building. With most WordPress sites, at the bottom it requires you to add your name, email and optional website URL.

You can fill that with an article on your blog that’s relevant with the article you are reading. Otherwise, just fill it with the homepage URL.

Mention people on your blog

As you can notice, I only mentioned writing great content twice but the rest of the pointers are all about promoting your content.

At this stage you need to mention all types of people on your blog.

From influencers to your customers.

From your competitors to your team mates.

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Be tact about it. Don’t mention people in negative light. If you do not like them, then don’t mention them. Otherwise, your blog may start creating and harnessing energy that’s not towards building an audience.

Network with other writers

We are still building relationships with fellow bloggers.

Recall the first 100 bloggers you listed in the third point? Yes, now start hosting events and invite them to speak. Go to their events as well.

Shout them out online. Like and tweet past their lives on their blogs. Comment on their sentiments stating whether you agree or disagree with them.

grow your blog

After those bloggers, focus on writers and editors from blogs you would like to guest post from or be featured on. The easiest path to get featured on a blog, is building a relationship with the writers of that blog that way they can discuss and recommend you to the rest of your team.

To do this you can create Twitter lists of writers of magazines and online blogs and start engaging with them as you did above.

Guest Posting

Guest posts work really well in generating traffic for your blog. Next week I will share on the best policies to follow when it comes to guest blogging.

But for now, remember guest posts should not sound promotional at all. Give value content.

The traffic you get from guest posts lead to social shares and linking back. Linking back improves your ranking on Google and social shares improve your reach.

Start collecting emails

From the moment you start your blog you need to start collecting emails. This should come even when you have a “Coming Soon” landing page.

Sumome allows you to cash in on list building in more than one way. You can have a scrollbox, a welcome mat and a pop-up. Here they mention how you can use their tools on growth hacking your list.

With an email list you can nurture your audience directly and know exactly what they like or not like. Your email list will also increase your social shares even before you start sharing and your articles on social media.

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TIP: To increase your subscriber rate offer them a swipefile or a checklist of their problem that you address. You can word it like “Get this _______ swipefile to do X,Y,Z”

Create groups

online hacks for bloggers

Every social network is currently engineered on a policy of pay to play.

If you don’t have an ad budget and have time to build an audience. Start doing that.

Create a Facebook or LinkedIN group. The platform you choose is totally dependent on where your audience is. If you have time or a team create on both platforms and test which one works best for you.

Groups help you create valuable and high converting traffic.

I just did that above and I would love to see you join our community of bloggers.

Make this your daily routine and you will see a difference on your blog at the end of each month.

Do you currently use any of these strategies?

If so, comment below with your results below. Have any more points to add? Comment below as well.