11 incredible Facebook WordPress groups that will help you go from beginner to PRO

Facebook WordPress groups are in the hundreds the last time I checked. Some became a chanting park for spammers, others only have few members who are never really active.

So these Facebook WordPress groups I mention today are:

  • active
  • and have no spammers

incredible facebook wordpress groups

Facebook has a lot to offer in today’s world. Especially for businesses. What I love mostly about Facebook today is Facebook ads and Facebook groups. The groups can be a miss or a hit to be sincere. But if you come across a hit, then it is a ballpark. You get a community of people who get you.

People who understand your struggles and can support you through this journey. It can be pottery to TV show fanatics to entrepreneurship.

I bet if you want it, you can find it. Even better you can start your own.

Their is no barrier to starting your own Facebook group.

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I know, I know. And I am sorry.

For the followers of this blog, you know I had mentioned I would share about guest blogging or tools I use, but neither of those articles are finished.

I don’t know about you but when it comes to starting articles and not finishing the wireframe of it all… I tend to lose all sense of what I wanted to deliver for that particular article.

Are you just the same? Simple. How many draft articles do you have in your blog? Let me know in the comment section.

Facebook WordPress Groups

If you would like to make the most of these Facebook WordPress groups (actually any Facebook groups) you need to abide by these rules:

  • Read the group description – Before you request to join any group or community, glance at the group description. This will give you a rough idea of what the group is all about. What is tolerated and what is not tolerated and most importantly whom the group is for.
  • Read the rules – Once invited (or your request is accepted), look within the community for the rules. This is very important. Usually it is the pinned post. You can even go a step further and observe the community. How do they associate with each other? Remember this is not your personal community you have created. So if your post get deleted, it is your own fault (for not having the due diligence to find out what the community rules are)
  • Ask whenever you are not sure – This is a step further from reading group description and rules. If you would like to post about something and you are not sure if it is allowed within the community… ASK. Ask the group admins, if they do not answer, ask within the community without pitching what you wanted to post about.
  • Avoid cross-posting – You will notice this right off the bat. Cross-posting can come off as spamming groups. Reason being; if I am in three of the groups you have decided to post in, I will see all your posts combined together on my timeline.
  • Be respectful – Understand everyone is taking time off their day to help you. So, it is quite polite to do your research on Google before you bring your questions or queries. Also remember small courtesies like “Thank you” and “Please”

Note: These are communities I am either a member of, or was a member of before but I still found them quite valuable.

WordPress Help for Beginners

This is a community for absolute WordPress beginners. It is a public group (so you can view the community discussions but cannot participate)

wordpress help for beginners

As mentioned earlier you will find group rules on the pinned post in most Facebook groups.

You are not sure of if you are WordPress beginner or not? If the WordPress dashboard gives you a headache and you are not sure where most things are or what they are for, you are a WordPress beginner.

In this community anything WordPress related goes. Questions such as; “I just published a page and it appeared on my main menu, Why?” or “How comes I am getting so many spammy comments on my blog?” this is where you bring them.

You will find a range of WordPress users. From beginners to advanced users.

You are also allowed to share helpful articles such as this one in the community.

As a warning, if you are not self-hosted, they may try to help you but do not count on it. It would be best to contact WordPress.com support first.

Intermediate WordPress

Intermediate group is comprised of experts or almost experts community.

You are intermediate if you understand code. Whether on the basic level or expert level. Code such as HTML and CSS, PHP and JavaScript and MySQL.

If you do not understand any of this and you meet the requirements to join, you can still request to join. [Remember I told you to check out the description before you request. In fact for this community, all the rules are within the description box.]

intermediate wordpres

Once your request has been accepted lurk around and learn. There is a ton of value you will get by just looking at the problems others are encountering and how to solve them.

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You will know you are learning by practicing what you are seeing. So if you create a test website and keep trying out what you see and the links that are shared (very helpful links if I may say), you will be far much better than anyone who got scared to join.

Advanced WordPress

This is a community of over 20,000 members.

As Kenyans love to say “hawapendi ujinga”.

You are advanced if you can code an entire plugin or WordPress theme. You will come across creators of top plugins and WordPress themes.

Yes, they do welcome WordPress users of all levels, the administrators like to keep the discussion level within the group high. So if terms such as “apply_filters()” and “do_action()” do not mean anything to you or make you think of Instagram filters, I would suggest laying low.

gradual growth

The group has rules page on their website. If you can avoid posting basic questions and doing prior search on Google and the group before asking, you will be more than alright.

So far this is the largest WordPress group I have encountered so far.

WordPress Help Group

WordPress Hosting

This group sprung from the Advanced WordPress group. Reason being, many people would ask questions pertaining to hosting.

Expect to find issues relating to hosting, tips and tricks on hosting and other related topics related to hosting. Even hosting companies you should avoid such as Bluehost and those that highly recommended such as SiteGround.

Hosting plays a huge role on how your website runs on the internet. If you are looking to migrate your site or state your hosting challenges ranging from basic level to advanced level this is where you should be at.

WordPress Plugin Suggestions

The WordPress plugin repository can be quite daunting to anyone. Especially for a beginner. Where you need the solution for one thing and it brings up like 30 different plugins for the particular choice.

Other than the major rule of checking whether the plugin you want to use is compatible with your version of WordPress (I would like to believe current version) there are times you will wonder what is the best plugin to use.

This is where you can go take your questions for plugin ideas. Even if you have a plugin idea and not sure there is a market for it, here is where you can test it out. You can get beta testers who will help you in identifying various bugs.

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WordPress Speed Up

Speed and load time is a necessary factor for any website out there. Be it on WordPress or not.

The load time of a website determines its ranking and how users interact with it. That is why Facebook came up with Instant Articles and Google came up with AMP.

So the WordPress Speed Up community is for people who want to optimize their site to load faster.

With members of around 3,500, you will get answers in less than 24 hours. Of course answers pertaining to questions that go beyond the “how to activate a cache plugin”

WordPress, SEO & Internet Questions

With over 16,000 members, you will find members members with a skill level from basic to expert.

You can share helpful articles, ask questions related to WordPress, SEO and the internet. This is a community of people who want to make the internet a better place by not only providing support but also education.

So if you have a certain problem, they may re-direct you to helpful how-to posts on how to fix your situation.

Just remember to be as specific as possible.

WordPress Paid Gigs

If you are a WordPress developer and you are looking to pitch your skills and find extra work, this is the place to go.

I am including this group because I am a big believer in monetizing your skill-set to earn an extra income.

entrepreneurs take risks

If you are looking for WordPress developers as well, here is the place to come pitch your idea or what you want to be done and negotiate.

Look at it as Freelancer. This is not the place you go for help. This is the place you go to get a developer or someone to quickly fix your situation.

You can get custom-made WordPress themes to small jobs such as migrating of a website.

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Quality WordPress Groups on Facebook

If you would like to find other WordPress related groups, this is where you will get a list of all of them.

You can get theme groups such as Avada, Divi and the Genesis framework.

You can even use this community to get your own WordPress Facebook group vetted and added to the list.

A quality WordPress Facebook group has more than 250 members and has someone moderating spam posts and most importantly it is active.

WordPress Help Group

With around 2000 members, this group was one of the most helpful when I was a beginner.

When I was transitioning from direct programming an independent website to using the WordPress platform, this is where I went. I never asked any questions per se. But I was a great lurker.

Questions were always answered promptly and everyone was welcoming and friendly.

This is where I would recommend for any beginner WordPress developer or blogger to start.

You will gain a lot from the ton of information shared.

Online Hacks for Bloggers

high quality content

Of course I had to throw in my own group in the mix.

I started this group a few months ago and it is targeted to bloggers (especially WordPress) bloggers. Sharing with tips and tricks on how they can manage and run their personal blogs.

It is geared to people who can’t afford to pay someone to manage their blogs and are doing it personally.

I also allow promotion of personal posts, so long as one shares what the article is about and also engages with the community apart from just dropping links in the group.

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To conclude

In all these communities, anything that looks remotely spammy will be deleted and the user banned. Spam also includes affiliate links and personal promotion (unless the community allows it, don’t do it.)

Do not expect to use precious time of other community members to fix your problems for FREE. The communities are created to show you what to do to fix your solutions. If you want to be shown how or let someone else do it, you will be expected to pay up.

At the moment Facebook groups gives you a wider reach to a larger audience than a page does. Also, it is ad FREE. But that may change.

Do you know of any quality WordPress group that should be on this list? Comment below.