3 ways to grow your subscriber list from 0 – 100 in 24 hours or less

I wouldn’t want to be the modern day version of a cassette player but I have to.

Email marketing is one of the main methods of going from being an everyday blogger dependant on affiliate marketing and advertising to making a significant amount of money on your blog.

Your subscriber list is more important than all the other vanity metrics you are observing right this moment.

The Google+ followers, the Facebook likes, the number of people liking your Instagram pictures, all those are irrelevant in comparison to your subscriber list.


All these followers are grown from someone else’s platform.

At any moment Facebook, Google+, Instagram can decide to change the rules of the game.

They can kick you out if they want.

And when they do, you have lost every single contact, follower and fans on their platforms.


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With a subscriber list, you are the captain of your ship “Aye, Captain

You get a direct access to your customer. You will see what they like, what they don’t like.

You get to create a personal and more intimate relationship with them.

You get to monetize your blog much faster than you would without a subscriber list.

It goes without saying a subscriber list is one of the main things you should aim at having the minute you start your blog.

So how do you grow your list when you are an absolute nobody?

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First off, I would like to believe you already have opt-in forms enabled so as to receive email sign ups.

Create a Contest or Giveaway for your Subscriber List

One of the easiest and quickest method of growing your subscriber list to 100 when you are an absolute nobody is through giveaways.

People love giveaways

You love giveaways

I too love giveaways

Now the key to growing a much targeted list is by having a giveaway that your target persona would be delighted to have.

Don’t be one of those people who have giveaways for the latest iPhone where as your future products and services have nothing to do with the iPhone.

If you are a carpenter have a giveaway for a home makeover

If you are a baker have a giveaway for a birthday 2kg cake

If you are a programmer have a website giveaway

As you can see, you can go as big or small as possible with your giveaway. What you would like whoever signs up for the giveaway will also be able to speak of all the good things about your product.

To increase the reach of your giveaway you can use social shares to entice people to increase their chances of winning.

So for each share and people use the link to also subscribe for the offer the person gets one extra vote.

You can use tools such as gleam and rafflecopter for this (they both have a free version with limited features).

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And if you have a budget you can go with the one off payment with Kingsumo.

Host a Webinar

This is another quick way of starting your subscriber list if you are starting from 0.

Jump into an interactive Facebook or LinkedIn group. Look and observe what people are talking about more and share your insights in whatever you can help with.

After spending sometime in the group and knowing what are their major questions and their questions are related to what you offer or an have a certain level of expertise in. Offer to have a webinar or online class where you will discuss all their pain points and offer them solutions.

To do this effectively you need to jump on a group that’s fairly active.

The more the members in the group the easier your chance of growing your list.

Now, please note, I am not recommending spamming groups.

In fact make a point of always checking with the admin and also following the group rules and guidelines.

And most importantly, offer as much value as possible.

You can write something as simple as:

“I have noticed most of you are having an issue with [list their pain points that you can address], I am free on [choose a specific day and time in the near future] and will be hosting a webinar [a link to a page you have created they can sing up on].

During this webinar I shall discuss [again list their pain points] and offer workable solutions [list all the reliefs they will receive from the webinar].

There will be a replay for [duration of time you would like to offer the replay for] [HINT: I have noticed shorter duration convert better than longer duration] for the subscribers.

To be notified of when the webinar will start and replay link, don’t forget to subscribe.

Looking forward to meeting and hanging out with y’all.

If you have a specific question about [list the pain points again] ask below.”

That’s all you have to do.

And wait to see how people will respond.

As time of the webinar draws near, keep reminding people of the webinar.

Don’t be a spammy Sammy.

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And remember the point I mentioned above. Keep adding value to the members of the group even if you didn’t receive the amount of feedback you anticipated.

Form Partnerships

Finally, this should be one of the easiest ways to start growing your subscriber list.

Partnerships are good if done the right way and can cause havoc if not well understood guidelines are set by the partners.

One of my favorite partnerships I like to mention is one between a photographer and a model.

A photographer is looking to expand his skills and also showcase their work and a model, well they need a good portfolio.

Now this partnership can also work for fashion bloggers and food bloggers or bloggers who heavily depend on photography.

You can use a contest to grow your list and each person reaches to their current circle. The giveaway should be contributed by both partners.

This will enable you to target appropriate audience you did not have access to before.

How did you grow your subscriber list to the first 100 people?

Share below and if you use this method and it works for you, I am looking forward to hearing from you as well.

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