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For bloggers who want to make a profitable business from their blogs; Authoritative Blogging is the place that you will get consulting services, professional trainings and step-by-step guides that will enable you to establish yourself as a subject matter expert and grow your blog as a business

Coming up with great content on your blog that will be read and shared by your readers and linked to by other influencers in your industry is tough. And it is easy to make it tougher than it already needs to be.

Competing with companies with big advertising budgets, balancing tech, pursuing your passion, or learning and implementing different strategies makes it even more complicated

Over at Authoritative Blogging, I make it my aim to share what I like to call conversion boosting blogging strategies. Where you get to do only the necessary to grow your blog and keeping your to-do list with the key tasks for the stage of blogging you are in.

This is the place to be if you are starting your blog or you have been blogging for a while and haven’t been able to gain the kind of traction you desire. Why? Because I know what it is like to be on the start-up mode for your blog and the struggles you are dealing with right now.

Readers to Revenue

I bumped into Muthoni by sheer luck as I was scrolling through Facebook minding my own business. I messaged her asking something stupid, a possible answer would be “Really you don’t know that” but this awesome human just took me through a class/lessons, advise, ideas, recommendations, did it patiently and with loads of passion. I could touch and feel it…believe me, she was kind, didn’t judge or conclude.

Who does that to a total stranger!!! So my conclusion if you need a teacher born with the genes, passionate about sharing what’s within them..this is the right person. Oh all the advise, all the lessons I wasn’t charged ( doesn’t mean you won’t be charged), I got them when they were running free classes 🙂

May you continue being an awesome human.

Carol Nkinda

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